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    mgkmgk Guest

    PS3 CFW before EVER logging into PSN issue

    Hi - would appreciate any guidance on the following: I have a PS3 and have never logged on to PSN nor am I interested in doing so in the future. So I installed a 3.55 CFW using the CFW tool creator.

    Now I realise that I am missing the BBC iplayer icon and the Lovefilm icon (and possibly other stuff?) that would be good to have... but I assume that I cant log on to PSN since I am now using the CFW.

    Is there any way to get the icons? My only thought was install OFW 3.55 using the service mode - sign on to PSN - then reinstall the CFW using service mode.

    In addition I would like to have my PS3 networked for streaming from my PC - however, I havent connected my PS3 to the INternet since installing CFW - is there any issue in doing this - I dont want a forced 3.6 upgrade for example. I saw a post about modifying the CFW to stop the PSŁ ever communicating with Sony buit staying on line - is this something work exploring further?

    Many thanks for any guidance.

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    aamir007 Guest
    You can still access BBC iPlayer without logging into PSN just open up your web browser and go on the BBC iPlayer site and the PS3 one should load and bookmark it. Not sure about LoveFilm. With the streaming option i think since you've used the CFW tool creator it has removed the option, try using KMEAW it should be enabled in that.

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    mgkmgk Guest
    Thanks aamir007 - appreciate the response.

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