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  1. #51
    NSHPredators Guest
    It is not working on mine PS3 super slim 12gb. when I put USB into PS3 and when i want to update it says no update data found. I have 4.50 version, no jailbroken ever. Can somebody help me?

  2. #52
    Convoy8X Guest
    It only works for owners of custom firmware ..

  3. #53
    RooneyMate Guest
    Link BROKEN. Please fix it

  4. #54
    NSHPredators Guest
    And how can i get it?

  5. #55
    buckballs Guest
    So I want to down grade to 3.55. But it just says data corrupt when using rebug 999 downgrader.. Help please!

  6. #56
    jabberosx Guest
    So what exactly is the function of this nonsense? Also, to paraphrase.. there are only 1 0 types of FW in this world. That which is OFW and that which is not. Almost stealth.. or almost a few kb difference doesn't mean anything.

    sorry for the sarcastic post. But this bugged me too much for some reason.

  7. #57
    andy1231 Guest
    Can I still use PSN Patch Stealth 4.55.02 working with CFW 4.60?

  8. #58
    mochirba Guest
    hi guys, I have a ps3 extra slim 4.60 500GB and I want to jailbreak it to have the packages. Then what do I must do???

  9. #59
    cfwhacker Guest
    finally i have found it thanks guys

  10. #60
    blockman101 Guest
    do you think i can take out my 80gb hdd from my fat ps3 on 4.60 ofw and download this and format my new hdd and install this fw? will it work?

    will i be able to install OFW 4.60 FERROX 2.00 DB [STEALTH EDITION]?

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