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Thread: PS3 CFW 4.50 Ferrox v1.00 Custom Firmware by Alexander Arrives

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    Convoy8X Guest
    If you have not been able to figure out how to downgrade I do not think it's the fault of the Ferrox. Do you have to inform you that before. L 'OFW 4.60 FERROX DB works wonders.

    I'm glad you solved

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    Iruzaf Guest
    Well, it's written on the release notes that, in order to go back to CFW, you need to install a 4.60 CFW or a Downgrader... there's nothing wrong with Ferrox, it's about the DB OFW: you don't have QA Flag enabled since everything's like a normal OFW (except that you can go back to CFW), so you NEED to install another 4.60 CFW or a Downgrader! So... what you wrote is exactly what's expected to be done to go back to CFW.

    I don't think a flasher is needed: from OFW DB vX.XX you install the respective CFW X.XX, and from that, if you don't have QA Flag enabled, you just install a 999 Downgrader... or am I missing something?

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    Convoy8X Guest
    you're right

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    fatjoejr2001 Guest
    My phat PS3 is bricked, but I can access recovery. Is it possible to upgrade PS3 that was on a CFW (Rogero 4.43 I think) before brick to this latest CFW via recovery update? Thanks and any help would be much appreciated. Can't afford downgrade dongle or would have been done that....

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    sixxle Guest
    ok so i got it done. what i had to do was use a Habib 999 downgrader than i went into rebug toolbox and enabled flag than i install OFC 3.55 than i put Rogero 4.55 back on ...i have no bad feeling about this FW but with out the option of playing games and with out a BR than it's not for me n thanks guys

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    dmk83 Guest
    go to network settings and press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + L3 + DOWN ARROW. August options appear under the network options. then install the OFW 3.55.

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    killahbeatz Guest
    The new IRISMAN v3.04 works with this firmware.

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    thepirategay199 Guest
    the file has been removed from, plz post an alternative link

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    firplay Guest
    can we install this over other ofw?

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    dmk83 Guest
    You can't install cfw over ofw 3.55. don't install cfw Ferrox 4.60. this is crap and games not working. if you install this now you must downgrade sorry for my english

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