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    j0htaja Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gamesmastervide View Post
    Well this was some bull! I downgraded my PS3 from Rogero cfw 4.21 back to cfw 3.55 then I installed this file OFW466FERROXDB.PUP and the result, my system is now on Official 4.66!! How did that happen??

    My system was not plugged into any internet connection, no disc in the bluray player, and the MD5 showed the correct numbers that OFW466FERROXDB.PUP was legit. But now my system boots up and shows official 4.66 in the system info and all the cfw icons are gone.

    Please, please someone tell me that I have to boot the PS3 up in a special way to get to the CFW and my system really is not crap now. If it is I want to know how that happened???

    Update: Never mind it appear I can downgrade it back with the Rogero downgrader. I have not been in the scene for well over a year, it would sure help if some operating instructions were posted. How about a good old fashion "Tutorial" for us noobs.
    It's end users responsibility to find things out if you don't know what something is or does. It's not developers fault if they're too lazy to do some research for things you don't understand.

    If you want to know what this is, just search and spend and a little of your time, I did when first DB OFW came out, and now I know what it is

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    redalias Guest
    I need 4.65 nobd ... at now have habib 4.65, but usb ntfs not work ... i think its about bat BD ...

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    Techkno313 Guest
    Wait this will really work?

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    bigcmar Guest

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Ferrox 4.66 PS3 CFW NoBD Edition v1.00 By Alexander is Released

    Following up on the PS3 CFW 4.66 Ferrox v1.00 (BD Edition) and Ferrox PS3 Dual Boot 4.66 OFW, today Italian PlayStation 3 developer Alexander returns bringing Ferrox 4.66 PS3 CFW NoBD Edition v1.00 with details below.

    Download: 466FERROXCEX100[nobd].PUP (195.5 MB)

    MD5: F4987E31492A7F7C29150735CCEA4E4B

    To quote, roughly translated: 4.66 FERROX V1.00 [NoBD] Custom Firmware


    It is recommended that, after a successful installation of custom firmware, run:
    • Restore File System (Recovery)
    • Rebuild Database (Recovery)

    So, you will have a clean installation, and you'll be fine. (Thanks to franci97 & SonyForever)

    It requires installation by RECOVERY MODE.

    WARNING: If you want to use PSNPatch 4.66.01, you have to remove all sorts of Spoof, worth softbreak.

    As promised here's the version noBD Edition, at the request of many users. For version Cobra have to wait a few more days (here in our team so we were in a few and the time to devote cheap), thank you in advance Habib & Joonie for sharing the Source with the whole community.

    • Built on an OFW 4.66
    • Driver BluRay Off *
    • Disabled the CoreOS and control ECDSA
    • LV1: patched to remove protection LV2
    • LV1: patched CoreOS Hash Check (prevents brick consoles downgradate not dehashed)
    • LV1: Peek & Poke
    • LV2: Peek & Poke
    • Compatibility PS2 Games
    • Compatibility PSP Remastered
    • Compatibility PSP Minis
    • Key 4.66 (start games with keys 4.66 EBOOT / SPRX)
    • PSN / SEN Enabled
    • RSOD Screen Bypass for consoles suffering from RSOD
    • BT Remote PS3 patch
    • PS3 BluRay DISC patch
    • Compatibility with the latest version of ReActPSN
    • App_home / PS3_GAME *
    • Install Package Files *
    • Ability to Downgrade from OFW 3.55 with QA activated.
    • Upgradable from any CFW's
    • Support XMB InGame ScreenShot Feature
    • Support Remote Play Feature
    • Stability as OFW 4.66
    • Ability to downgrade from any custom firmware with QA activated.

    • CECH 2004A - Tested and Working
    • CECHG04 - Tested and Working
    • CECHL-01A - Tested and Working
    • CECH-2501 - Tested and Working
    • CECH 2504A - Tested and Working
    • CECHC-04 - Tested and Working
    • CECHL04 - Tested and Working with IrisMan 3.33 / Gamesonic Manager 3.36. MultiMAN 04.66.04 has some problems in starting the game (Thanks Sniper)

    Test Applications:

    Coming Soon:
    • FERROX 4.66 Cobra Edition (with some special patch)

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Fomodeoxaguian Guest

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    Ohneworte Guest
    thx Great job

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    Yomraps Guest
    Cant wait to be able to give this firmware a shot on my PS3, I heard it works well. I'm posting two post and of course waiting to go through the two day wait period

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    bozzergun Guest
    Good job, thanks

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    mete2221 Guest
    super slim working!

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