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  1. #211
    parkakid Guest
    how does this cfw compare to rebug cfw? I know there is not a rebug 4.66 yet

  2. #212
    thenewwesd12399 Guest
    can't wait to try this

  3. #213
    cust0m Guest
    I think I'll stick with 4.65.1 Rebug and spoof 4.66 for now

  4. #214
    Convoy8X Guest
    fast, stable, PERFECT! IrisMan & MultiMan works perfectly! Great!

  5. #215
    Tommy76 Guest
    what does 80029c9c means?

  6. #216
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    That means "Update data does not support downgrades" according to the list HERE.

  7. #217
    Tommy76 Guest
    Ok, but I update from .65 to .66

  8. #218
    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Ferrox PS3 Dual Boot 4.66 OFW Custom Firmware is Now Available

    Following up on their PS3 CFW 4.66 Ferrox, Italian PlayStation 3 developer Alexander is back bringing Ferrox PS3 Dual Boot 4.66 OFW Custom Firmware safeguarding users on PSN from bans while allowing them to return to CFW when offline with details below.

    Download: OFW466FERROXDB.PUP (196.4 MB)

    MD5: 6D7B55377E2EA5B806EB750FA7B8D227

    To quote, roughly translated: FERROX DUAL BOOT OFW 4.66 (Only for owners of Custom Firmware)
    • Disabled ECDSA in LV0 (isoldr)
    • Disabled ECDSA in SPU PKG (spu_pkg_rvk_verifier)
    • No function for CFW's enabled
    • No QA FLAG Enabled
    • Stealth (size as OFW 4.66) From an idea by HABIB.

    Please remember that all of this has been made possible thanks to the discoveries of HABIB. Most thanks go to him and after we Ferrox Team.

    • CECHMxx: [ Working] Thanks d4t1983

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  9. #219
    invisiblesurfer Guest
    Hi guys, is there a "How To install and use" for this dual-boot FW? I have experience with installing CFW which is nothing major, but what about this beast here?

    Thank you

  10. #220
    adinda Guest

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