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    Quote Originally Posted by henchcock View Post
    Hi, can't get this to install on DEX 4.21. I've tried a couple of times (it's not exactly tricky). MD5 for the patched PUP matches what is listed on here... but I just get an error 8002F2C5 (plus "the data is corrupted" when I try to update from recovery mode). I'm sure it's something simple, but no idea what.
    We can't install any CFW from firmwares over 3.55, you have to downgrade to 3.55 (with downgrader PUP) first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sguerrini97 View Post
    We can't install any CFW from firmwares over 3.55, you have to downgrade to 3.55 (with downgrader PUP) first.
    thats not true how do you think rogeros firmwares are working.you can go from cfw 4.30 v2.03 to 2.05 that's a 4.30 over an 4.30 and from rebug 4.21 to rogeros 4.30 thats a 4.21 to 4.30 cfw...

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    That did the trick. Simply installed the 3.55 downgrader PUP, then the patched 4.30 dex FW. All good now. Knew it would be simple!

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    here is an uploaded mirror for the patched PUP


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    Because rogero and rebug firmwares are patched, he was on an OFW.

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    where does it says that he is on ofw firmware? he says that he is on 4.21 dex and if that is an official debug console then why use the patched dex firmware and not the officiel dex so i guess that his console is an cex to dex console

    maybe the dex firmwares are different and needs to go to 3.55 every time you wont to go to another dex firmware ore you can patch them like rogeros...

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    He said he was on 4.21 DEX so I supposed it was the DEX OFW, and you can't install a CFW without downgrade to 3.55 on OFW 3.56+.
    I think that also DEX firmware can be patched to do that, but downgrade to 3.55 on DEX is really simple.

    The 3.55 DEX downgrader is a "special" PUP signed with new keys, to allow DEX units to downgrade at 3.55 since the normal 3.55 PUP is signed with old keys (like our CFWs) and can't be installed directly on 3.56+.

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    thank you... i will try this one...
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    PS3 4.40 CFW By MiralaTijera with QA Flag Integrated and 3.0.1 Core

    Following up on his initial release, DEX update and PS2 Classics payload, today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer MiralaTijera has released PS3 4.40 CFW by MiralaTijera with QA Flag integrated alongside a 3.0.1 Core.

    Download: 440mltjra.rar (47.06 MB) / PS3UPDAT-CFW 4.40 MiralaTijera-Delta.rar (Pre-Patched PUP - 193.63 MB) / IrisManager2.22_animated.pkg (2.72 MB) / IrisManager 2.22 bugfixed.pkg (2.72 MB)

    Hash PUP Final (via pastie.org/private/d29apzonxy5hzw2mozpg):

    CRC32: BB84E431
    MD5: B43BE1DB688FB3A3B06E164DED951FE9
    SHA-1: 9D2F46E6B1E7A1D0F5FEDA82F07E8D4389451B82

    To quote, roughly translated: CFW 4.40 MiralaTijera:

    • sys_init_osd (special LEED)
    • lv1 peek / poke
    • lv2 peek / poke
    • Syscon patched hash
    • nas_plugin patched (install pkg's)
    • explore_plugin patched (Original Install Package Files)
    • appldr, lv2 hash
    • appldr, ECDSA
    • isoldr, ECDSA
    • spu_pkg_rvk_verifier, ECDSA
    • spu_token_processor, ECDSA

    Functional QA flag:
    • You can reinstall the cfw on itself and can be installed from 4.31 miralatijera, and theoretically from any cfw (mine only confirmed)

    • 3.0.1 Core integrated (installad nosearch the flag for the problem of synchronization of the controls / dev_usb000/flags/nosearch)
      sys_init_osd longer exists, is completely replaced by CORE
    • Led always green (for now)

    Bugs: no controller BDEMU nonfunctional nonfunctional otheros

    Payload: Iris Manager 2.22 with 4.40 payload included and ported to this release the sources I give them to estwald to upload it to the git

    The creation process is identical to the previous cfw cfw created by my... morning or this afternoon I update the core to add bdemu without controller and the rest remains to carry the core

    PS3 4.40 CFW By MiralaTijera with QA Flag Integrated and 3.0.1 Core

    More PlayStation 3 News...
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