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Thread: PS3 CFW 4.31 OtherOS++ With QAFlag & BD Emu By MiralaTijera WIP

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    DEUSC2D Guest
    Yes, the bdemu flag is for no or broken blu-ray drives. I have not tried it myself, so can not confirm it's full functionality.

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    seeman Guest
    thx a lot... i think i will give this cfw a try !! btw does iris manager have the 4.31 fix also???

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    DEUSC2D Guest
    To: seeman, this CFW does not need game fixes.

    Download: Update 7 / CORE 2.7.2 (15.27 MB) / Core 2.7.2.rar (15.08 MB)

    How to install Update 7 / CORE 2.7.2:
    • Connect a pendrive (FAT32 formatted) to PC.
    • Extract the content from "Core 2.7.2" folder to your pendrive.
    • Connect your pendrive to --> /dev_usb000 (closest usb port to bd-drive)
    • Turn on your console, once done CORE 2.7.2 will be installed.

    Note: To use flags, copy them from the "All Flags For CORE 2.7.2" folder <-- to --> the flags folder on your pendrive with CORE 2.7.2 (only use the flags you need).

    Summarization of flags:
    • Bdemu, If you have the reader controller you have dead or no reader and, therefore, do not npdrm works, enabling this flag, the console will behave as if you had reader. If you do not plan to change your desktop, you can install this flag in the flash through another flag called "installbdemu" not to depend on the pendrive. It has also been rewritten and now has a more accurate and improved.
    • Installbdemu, If your drive controller is dead, use this flag (with the Core Assets) to permanently install the flash BDemu.
    • Enableqa enable QA Flag directly in 4.31.
    • Removeqa, disables QA Flag.
    • Dumpnandflash, makes a full dump of NAND console, which will help us to recover the console of a full brick, with a flasher, of course, because if you have a full brick, CORE will not start.
    • Dumpnor, same function as above, but dedicated to consoles with NOR memories.
    • Dumpdevflash, Dumps the dev_flash (3) in the root of the pendrive.
    • Dumplv2, As stated, makes decrypted LV2 dump.
    • Dumplv1, Same operation as above, but this makes a dump (lv1dump.bin) of LV1 (16 MB).
    • Fullramdump, I think it goes without saying that it serves.
    • Flashnor, If there is a file called "nordump.bin" in the root of the pendrive, the MT will flash the NOR. Beware of this option could be dangerous if you do not know what you do. The flashing process takes around 20 minutes.
    • Anotherlv2, With this flag we can experience with our LV2 modified and tested for correct functioning well without flash this in memory of the console, thus saving many complications and risks of brick. Simply copy the root of pendrive LV2 self from modified and enable this flag, the console will start with the LV2 the pendrive.
    • Clear_bootparam, clean records (Cache and Logs) and "waste" that can leave other flags in use, to have the console as clean as possible. (Thanks for the clarification MrMento ^ ^)
    • Setup_flash_for_otheros, prepare the flash partitions to install OtherOS (Linux).
    • Install_otheros, Use petitboot to install Linux on the console. (Required files contained in the folder "OTHEROSFILES" pack of Update7)
    • Boot_otheros, If you have Linux installed on the console, turning this with this flag in the pendrive, Linux will automatically start at the beginning of the console. CORRECTED small bugs, now runs everything correctly.
    • Nosearch If you want the console boot even faster, besides solving the synchronization of the controls at the beginning of the console, but regardless of the flags in the search for new functions USB enable this flag once and will be installed Standing in the flash. You can restore it by installing the included in the Update7 ResetCore.pkg.

    CORE 2.7.2 Changelog (rough translation):

    CORE 2.7.2 with major improvements changelog:
    • Deleted and exitfactory enterfactory flag (power + eject works without dongle and you can leave the factory with the 2nd exit Lv2diag always) bone that were useless
    • Added flag "installbdemu" permanently installed bdemu flag causes the bdemu always be loaded without connected or flag setting usb
    • Now the core is automatically installed on the dev_flash to become permanent execution
    • Bdemu completely rewritten, is now more accurate and causes less problems.
    • The core 2.7.2 installs on dev_flash now (is automatic the first time I extort)
    • Added flag "nosearch" permanent flag adds a core to keep you from usb to the console and start the USB core and load without permanent work options with this greatly improves startup time to almost original theme synchronizing the controls
    • Added flag "flashnor" flashes using the normal root file in pendrive nordump.bin / dev_usb000/nordump.bin (you can watch it bricking if you do not know what you do not LOOK this flag)
    • deleted and payloaderdev Payloader flag, (and all managers have their payload to get mine when the managers are more up to date?)
    • Fixed boot_otheros the flag, now loads fine
    • Fixed collision with IRIS MANAGER code no longer asked to restart ..
    • Added flag "dumplv1" creates a file in the root of the pendrive lv1dump.bin with a dump of lv1 16MB

    What's Cool:
    • As nocheck flag disables search permanently on usb I created a pkg to reset the permanent flag "nosearch"

    • Put the folder in the flag's flag that querrais start and what you put into the right usb console everything and export
    • Flags are empty files with no extension are created in the folder usb flags
    • From the core of this review is ongoing in flash, the update method is run resetcore pkg (if you have enabled nosearch) and turn off the console, enter the new cellftp.self (assumption 2.7.3) in the folder / updatecore of usb and make magic.

    • The homeless is bdemu reader READER COMPLETE WITHOUT ie no broken lens, if you have broken controller. This is slightly better than the same compatibility APP_HOME games but is better than using a disk.

    This update is only, you do not have any other previously installed... and if you had an update not care too.

    How to deactivate CORE 2.7.2:
    • Simply extract the contents from "DEACTIVATE CORE 2.7.2" folder to your pendrive.
    • Connect it to /dev_usb000 (closest usb port to bd-drive),
    • Turn on your console, once done CORE 2.7.2 will be deactivated.

    Note: To restore CORE 2.7.2, install the ResetCore.pkg from the "TOOLS PKG" folder.

    MiralaTijera, CFW 4.31 creator.
    Isma_OMG, info/support provided.

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    okc8200 Guest
    Hi DEUSC2D. Thanks for the update 4 pup! This update 7 - core 2.7.2 is giving me major problems though. Can you make a pup for me?

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    abdullahjwz070 Guest
    Wow this is nice bro

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    DEUSC2D Guest
    The dev MiralaTijera, is already making update 8. He claims that all games with be payable with no disc. Compiling a .PUP is not necessary for updates 5-7.

    Please keep in mind that this is a WIP and if you have any issues just try to be patient.

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    Doni Guest
    hi people I have a few questions, yesterday I installed the 4.31v2_CHX cfw.

    From the core folder I have the whole folder "Core 2.7.2" in the root of usb copied along with the flags. E:\CORE 2.7.2\flags

    Thus, the LED will flash the ps3 in several colors, it also starts the normal cfw, but my problem now..

    1. The flags are active now or do I activate?
    2. Do I have to enable somewhere bd emu, because i got a broken laser.

    Sry for the google english^^
    mfg doni

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    DEUSC2D Guest
    Hi, you must copy all the content from inside of the "Core 2.7.2" folder to the root (E:\root) of your USB device. The folder named "flags" needs to be at the root (E:\flags) of your USB device as well e.g. E:\flags with the boot_otheros flag inside of that folder will boot into otherOS. The PS3 will read it like this ==> /dev_usb000/flags and whatever flag you put in to that folder.

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    accurateguy Guest
    Am having issue after i update my core to 2.7.2 my usb games did not appear again on backup managers, please help me out thanks for the support in advance

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    DEUSC2D Guest
    You can just disable Core or get nosearch flag working if you are going to be running games via USB.

    I currently can not support this CFW as I need to repair my test console from fooling around with DEX (not this CFW related) before I can use this again. I'm also not sure what the dev intends on doing with this CFW and my Spanish is not getting any better.

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