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    Definitely doesn't work on 4.31 OFW. There will be a CFW 4.31 when a developer will find the exploit for jailbreaking. If Sony left an open door... If not... E3 or progskeet if your PS3 can be downgraded.

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    3000 and 4000 models won't be downgradable until someone gets his hands on the new bootloader (that contains the new lv0 private key )

    OFW > 3.55 won't allow CFW installation until we pawn the ecdsa private key OR we find an exploit to install cfw via sw

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    anyone tried this or is it wip still?

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    will core work on any cfw?

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    I got it running and there's a 2gb /dev that makes me very happy! You need to install multiMAN v04.18.00 Base CEX first and then update to multiMAN v04.19.02 Update CEX. So far everything is working and I need to try out some PS1 games but first comes *nix.

    It does take a few extra seconds to boot and there is no epilepsy warning. There is an update 4 I will mirror the link/PUP and a mirror for both multiMAN versions BASE & UPD CEX. Always check your MD5.

    CFW 4.31 OtherOS++ By MiralaTijera:

    MD5: A1781D38DC5F3D54830615ED6B6C3870

    multiMAN v04.18.00 Base CEX and v04.19.02 Update CEX:

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluRay View Post
    Why It wouldn't? Yes you can install bdemu on rebug...

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    wow! can i now play DMC and NBA 2K13?

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    I've installed this firmware but seems that bdemu isn't working here.

    I tried with a game that requires a disc, Call of Duty: Black Ops and it doesn't start from /app_home/PS3_GAME/.

    Maybe this is only for npdrm titles..

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    can reactpsn work on this? any possibility of downgrading ?

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    Also boot_otheros flag isn't working here. With boot_otheros flag the PS3 make some beeps and then the led becomes red but the console is still power on with a black screen. To power it off I had to held the power button. The only way I found to enter petitboot is to boot into recovery menu (after install_otheros).

    Quote Originally Posted by accurateguy View Post
    can reactpsn work on this? any possibility of downgrading ?
    Someone said that it's possible to downgrade with rogero downgrade PUP, I think that also the Rebug's 999 Downgrader is working.
    Reactpsn is working here (my act.dat file wasn't deleted). You must install the lastest file (with included patched vsh.self).

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