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  1. #11
    Renge Guest
    rebug is trash

  2. #12
    fodosao Guest
    Does this work on a OFW 4.31??? Thanks in advance!

  3. #13
    AlexV26 Guest
    fodosao: Doesn't work on OFW 4.31. We still need a flasher (like E3 or progskeet) for downgrading.

  4. #14
    Brenza Guest
    What's wrong guys, it's OBVIOUS that you can neither install it on 4.31 OFW or use it to put 4.31 OFW in Factory Service Mode!

    C'mon... By the way it is really impressive, i love this!

  5. #15
    XianPEZ13 Guest
    Hurp? Derp!

  6. #16
    BluRay Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bigvern1979 View Post
    so the bdemu can be installed on rebug? just asking as my drive is broken
    Why It wouldn't? Yes you can install bdemu on rebug...

  7. #17
    alwahsh50 Guest
    it's great workm is it work on 300xx?

  8. #18
    harper69 Guest
    So this definitely does not work with 4.31 OFW V1.09 Big playstation?

    Will there ever be a CFW for the 4.31 OFW in future?

  9. #19
    PS 4 Guest

  10. #20
    NTA Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kloops View Post
    With this can i put a 4.31 OFW ps3 into FSM and then get it out and make it firmware 4.31 Rebug or 4.20 Rebug?
    That would be extremely nice, but I don't think that's the case sadly. There needs to be another exploit found before we can have it on the later ofws I believe.

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