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Thread: PS3 CFW 4.31 OtherOS++ With QAFlag & BD Emu By MiralaTijera WIP

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    jensen76 Guest
    yes if you have a valid dump of your nand ore nor chip...

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    sguerrini97 Guest
    My PSN games are working fine but DLCs are not.. I tried with GTA IV and the game didn't find the DLCs. I'm going to reinstall them now.

    And I don't see the BD icon in XMB before running a backup manager (multiman), is this normal?

    Edit: my PSN games don't ask to be activated but they don't boot with error 90010009.

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    JustPs3 Guest
    have you get it too work for you? if you have what did you do too get it too work? i have same problem with this cfw

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    sguerrini97 Guest
    No, I came back to rebug.. I'm waiting for some news.

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    Sejuice Guest
    Just use this CFW psn dlc all work now.

    Everyone is just copy + pasting from this CFW anyway.

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    ppr2012 Guest
    is it confirmed to be brick free on all models...

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    ninjabreadman Guest
    updated on slim model, worked fine went on line all OK, following day no boot, and no recovery mode

    Hard drive had failed... was that coincidence with new CFW? gone back to rogero 4.40b anyhow to be on safe side

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    pepperman73 Guest
    yes i have the the nand dump no flasher though

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    jrob8802 Guest
    Hi everyone,

    I am just wondering if there is a good thread around where you actually get a good break down of all the steps it takes to mod your ps3? I still have the ofw 4.40 and haven't bothered updating because it's sooo complicated to find the necessary information! It's like there is no clear path do do anything. i tried the newest 440 rogero but it stops after 71% says file corrupt.

    I do appreciate that you can eventually find what you need but I would much appreciate it if someone could guide me to a thread or to the necessary files you need to update to the latest version that allows playing homebrew games.

    Kind regards,

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    mrpostiga Guest
    Great information

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