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Thread: PS3 CFW 4.31 OtherOS++ With QAFlag & BD Emu By MiralaTijera WIP

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    imranulferdoues Guest
    Its just too much awesome...

    So, now I can play good old Mushroom Wars and its DLC without any fix...

    Would love to see ROGERO integrate this awesome feature within his firmware...

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    d3adliner Guest
    This sounds pretty awesome. I was just saying yesterday to my girlfriend how I wish we could run all DLC like on a jtag/rgh 360. Excited to see how this develops during the next few days or so. Now all we need is the ability to run PSP games on the PS3.

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    Joneline Guest
    How do install this?

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    nauman284 Guest
    is this installable on rebug 4.30.2?

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    PS 4 Guest
    its only patch/update from MT, i test cfw 4.40 MT with this update any dlc work without rap or fix

    thanks MT for great job

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    mahidi Guest
    psn acccess with banned consoles??

    honestly i hate cheater more than you, i don't even use cheats when i play offline, the only reason i got banned is because i am running cfw on my ps3, and before the damn 4.40 released i could somehow go online with by using rebug toolbox, but now that secret door is gone sony!!!

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    seeman Guest
    so this means i dont need no more react psn??? i really hope this works and rogero will add the reactpsn bypass in his cfw!!

    i'm only waiting on a solution to play more then one ps2 isos and to start roms direct from xmb... if these features are working... i'm ready to update... and i also will make a new mod then...

    can anybody tell me how to convert more then one ps2 iso? or how do i create a new rap file for every new pkg?

    i'm really glad we don't need multiman anymore

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    PS 4 Guest
    everything works (backup managers / psn games / dlc)

    ps2 classics black screen (needs patching)

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    SuperSaiyen Guest
    This seems awesome, and getting better all the time! Anyone have otherOS++ working on this? I may finally try otherOS now that this simplifies the process so much. The holy grail for me would be getting YDL 6 running on cfw 4.31, but don't think anyone has accomplished that. Guess i'll try red ribbon. After installing this MT cfw, I should be able to downgrade back to 3.15 ofw anytime through recovery mode with no problem, correct?

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    pepperman73 Guest
    is there a way to fix if you brick? i need help

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