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Thread: PS3 CFW 4.31.1 by SGK Team Under Development, Available Now

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    PS3 CFW 4.31.1 by SGK Team Under Development, Available Now

    Following up on their SGK Enable / Disable Spoof for PS3 Firmware 4.31, today SGK has released what they call PS3 CFW 4.31.1 which is under development with details on the new PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware below.

    Download: PS3UPDATsgk.4.31.1.rar / PS3UPDATsgk.4.31.1.rar (Mirror) / PS3UPDATsgk.4.31.1.rar (Mirror #2)

    MD5: B4B67C2EB8122C87013667365E393E1C

    Warning: Be aware this PS3 CFW is still under development, and like all PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware should only be installed if you are aware of the risk of possibly bricking your console. Although not a requirement, ideally it should only be attempted if you have a backup of your PS3 NAND / NOR and a hardware flasher available.

    To quote, roughly translated: Hi all, What better than to come back with this kind of news!

    Our friend and SGK developer releases today the result of hard work. Indeed, in the shadow he worked to bring us a CFW with features interesting and not yet seen the new CFW 4.xx

    The basis of this CFW is based on the REX Rebug CFW 4.21 which is the most stable and most successful of the moment. He added the Debug menu and Rebug Package Manager for our greatest pleasure.

    Some files from firmware 4.30 which ensures compatibility for the latest keysets. So you can play your backups favorites without a patch or fix. 4.31 is a spoof includes access to PSN and avoid unintended updates.
    • PSN access
    • Debug menu displayed in setting
    • Rebug package added
    • Implementation of parameters Rex 4.21.1 Rebug cfw
    • Lv1 Lv2 and recompiled
    • Patched Peek & Poke
    • Coldboot replaced
    • Coldboot game replaced
    • Theme changed from dynamic watch dogs
    • More corrections ...

    Testers and developers: consolehackdev; SGK_84

    [imglink=|PS3 CFW 4.31.1 by SGK Team Under Development, Available Now][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    BluRay Guest
    Good stuff, specially because it will have Rebug features, not sure if that will be enough for me to get out of my 3.55.3 Rebug though.

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    sounds pretty good. i'm probably not gonna use it; i'd rather wait for rebug to release an official 4.31 or 4.21.2 with the files they mentioned.

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    evilsperm Guest
    sooo your asking to brick your system... There is a REASON we haven't released 4.3x rebug yet

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    Wonderkik Guest
    Are you saying this just because it isn't your firmware Evilsperm?

    Talking trash about a firmware without giving explanation is just childish. If there is a reason, explain it to us, we're not THAT dumb you know...

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    filipay Guest
    I love that evilsperm said 'yet'.. Dude.. I'm very thankful.. REBUG is it.

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    TheDarkness Guest
    Can you install it on OFW 4.25??

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    Lando43 Guest
    something to keep in mind for testers

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    lopper369 Guest
    Evilsperm Mad respect to you.

    Just remember everyone PS3 CFW 4.31.1 by SGK Team is Under Development.

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    dangelomay Guest
    so will this work on ofw 4.31 ps3?

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