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    100% agree! But for me, and some of us, we almost never played the PS3. My fun is just to hack it.

    Hacked my TV (SamyGo)
    Hacked my modem ...
    Hacked my phone
    Hacked the Cell phone i had
    Hacked my PS3 ...

    AND now try to hack my NAVTEQ

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    It is simple, the vsh.self is exactly the same file that uses the spoof 4.21 available in CFW 4.21 REX. Here how it is known.

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    Good Job

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    Question How can I install 4.31.1 cfw ?

    I have a PS3 Slim 320 GB with move and 4.31 firmware on it I want to play backup games on my PS3, so what I need to do ? I have downloaded PS3 CFW 4.31.1 by SGK is under development version but it is a ". pup" file how can I install please anybody tell me step by step I am new to this CFW thing.

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    A quick search may be of use... here is the answer for those like you on 4.31:

    Also if you are new to all this it is not recommended to install something still in development, so assuming you take the advice from the link above you should then look into ErmaC, Rebug, or Rogero CFW which are more stable than the SGK development versions.

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    hi i have a ps3 250gb, ofw 4.31 and i want to get cfw 4.31

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    Good job SGK!! Keep it going <3

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    Good stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by matoboyle View Post
    hi i have a ps3 250gb, ofw 4.31 and i want to get cfw 4.31
    You have to downgrade the ps3 to 3.55 to install Cfw. Thanks

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    does anyone know if e3 can downgrade from 4.31? all the videos/instructions show downgrading from 3.70.

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