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    tonyqc Guest

    Videos: PS3 CFW 4.31 v3.1 Update by Team SGK is Now Available

    Following up on their previous release, French PlayStation 3 developers Team SGK have now updated their PS3 Custom Firmware to 4.31 version 3.1 with some test video footage below.

    Download: PS3UPDAT4.31-CdEXv3.1-_-TeamSGK.PUP (sgk.4.31.v3.1.pup - 194.93 MB)

    MD5: 132C67D16712080199C6C1A38AFA0AF4

    I do not recommend to try it without a flasher installed and a dump of the flash.

    To quote, roughly translated: Hi all, What better than to come back with this kind of news! Our friend and SGK developer releases today the result of hard work. Indeed, in the shadow he worked to bring us a CFW with features interesting and not yet seen the new CFW 4.xx

    The basis of this CFW is based on Rogero 4.30 and the 4.21 Rebug CFW which is the most stable and most successful of the moment. He added SGKXMBM + Package Manager for our greatest pleasure. Some files from firmware 4.31 which ensures compatibility for the latest keysets. So you can play your backups favorites without a patch or fix. 4.31 is a spoof includes access to PSN and avoid unintended updates.
    • PSN access
    • Added package SGKXMBM +
    • Lv1 Lv2 and recompiled.
    • Patched Peek & POKE
    • Coldboot replaced
    • Coldboot game replaced
    • Theme changed from dynamic watch dogs
    • More corrections

    Testers and developers: consolehackdev / ZZ / dedalo! Teamsgk/ps3devs; SGK_84

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have promoted it to the main page now, and +Rep for the update tonyqc!

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    farjadhasnain Guest
    Will this work on my ps3? I have ps3 slim OFW 4.30

  4. #64
    loveHack Guest
    Hi all, this is not a CFW 4.31 but 4.21 spoofing to 4.31. This is a more significant risk of brick.

  5. #65
    racer0018 Guest
    I could try it with one of my ps3s that are hooked up to a progskeet and let All know. Thanks

  6. #66
    thatcher Guest
    With PSN still working on Rogero 4.30 v2.02 I think I'll stick with what I know works. No point in moving from CFW to CFW when the changes aren't huge.

  7. #67
    speedystyle Guest
    If you are on OFW 4.31, can you install this CFW? And is it possible to install the OFW 4.31 back if I want the normal version back?

  8. #68
    tigereye Guest
    if i am not wrong so far i know you cannot install this CFW on OFW 4.31 maybe some day but not now

  9. #69
    Djmatrix32 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by loveHack View Post
    Hi all, this is not a CFW 4.31 but 4.21 spoofing to 4.31. This is a more significant risk of brick.
    How do we know this for sure?

  10. #70
    motorman Guest
    here's my thoughts ppl stick to rogeros very stable can now install over any cfw no downgrading anymore 4.30 spoofs to 4.31

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