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    miguelqt2198 Guest

    Ofw 4.xx

    Can I install this CFW in a OFW 4.xx? Or I must need to be in 3.55?

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    Apr 2005


    I have updated the link in the first post to the new one with the MD5 hash, if I had to guess the other one (ddlstorage.com/0la6toq0cfcf/PS3UPDATsgk.4.31.1.rar.htm) is an older version perhaps... from what I can tell most sites are linking to that one still.

    Here is the correct one, however, if someone can download and mirror it that would be great as I can't download it from here unfortunately:

    Download: http://u22091291.letitbit.net/downlo....31.1.pup.html

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    unknowndarkuser Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by miguelqt2198 View Post
    Can I install this CFW in a OFW 4.xx? Or I must need to be in 3.55?
    I'm pretty sure you will need to have 3.55 FW to install this CFW like all the others that have been released lately, just have to sit back and wait for a new exploit to allow us to install over OFW above 3.55 or go downgrade your PS3 if possible.

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    evilsperm Guest
    ...you really think we need to explain to someone making a cfw about my comments... if they dont have a clue then they shouldn't be making cfw end of story...

    And I can care less if someone wants to strip our cfw and do something with it (it is open after all), but ADD SOMETHING dont just put up some bs claims and change the cold boot because thats some nub crap right there

    If we didn't believe in openness you wouldn't have a FW from us what so ever anyone that can read english (or translated for that matter) can go to the ps3 dev wiki and learn how to do anything they please with the ps3

    Quote Originally Posted by mare92 View Post
    Rebug is AMAZING, but you still have to manually resign 4.25+ game updates and there is all the point i see in 4.30+ CFWs over 4.21.
    we gave dean the patches to add to multiman, so go update mm to the latest version and it will auto patch for you

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    Apr 2005
    And now we know lol, but as the saying goes "knowing is half the battle"

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    aha360 Guest
    Here you go - a BillionUploads mirror from me:

    DOWNLOAD LINK: TeamSGK 4.31.1 - BillionUploads

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks a lot aha360 and +Rep! I have added it to the main article now along with a second mirror as well.

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    xragel2478 Guest
    Bricked my console. 355- to this fair warning

    Update* was able to get into safe mode and down grade to rogero hybrid via rogero downgrade tut.

    Thanks that was a close one. Done with this firm. I'll stick to rogero or rebug

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    Dark Egyptian Guest
    hello there. great forums btw. I have upgraded my CFW 3.55 to OFW 4.31 by mistake. my ps3 is FAT model and it's original firmware goes back to 3.x something. so will installing this SGK CFW would get me back to play my games again and install PKG files ? cause currently i am stuck and i don't know what to do. Thanks a lot.

    xragel2478 can you tell me bro how did you downgrade yours ? thanks in advance.

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    aha360 Guest
    Once you're stuck on OFW (post-3.55), you're stuck on it for good unless you grab a hardware flasher.

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