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Thread: PS3 CFW 4.31.1 by SGK Team Under Development, Available Now

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    tonyqc Guest
    A WARNING should show brick console on the first post

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    Apr 2005
    I added a warning but it's the same for all PS3 CFW's, anyone who doesn't know that by now should not be installing them in the first place.

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    tonyqc Guest
    yes but this one WILL brick all consoles...

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    It would be great if you or evilsperm could simply enlighten everyone with some specific tech details on why this Rebug-based CFW is so risky to substantiate what appears (to the rest of us at the moment) to be baseless fear mongering.

    So far all I've seen is "there is a reason" so if it's true why not call out the SGK Team and reveal it eh?

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    evilsperm Guest
    sooo these nubs take Rebug a masterpiece (if I do say so myself) and strip it, butcher it, add a cold boot and call it their own?? I just dont get it? WTF is the point of butchering Rebug and then making claims that they added anything they must know they will be called out? lv1 lmfao... this has been patched from DAY ONE, they sure as hell aren't patching anything in lv2 that we haven't already covered soooooo yeeeaaaah...

    There is a reason 4.3x has not been released and to elaborate for the ones asking I've discussed it before but I will just go over it again so it doesn't get asked 50 more times, the keys are EXACTLY THE SAME as 4.21! And 4.30 dex fw will brick converted consoles we have tested it throughly!

    Sony has added a check for converts so until we look into it 4.30 is out of the question. I mean we can put together a 4.31 cfw but it wont be Rebug so if you want something that isn't Rebug use rogero's cfw

    There is no reason what so ever to upgrade to 4.3x anything just sayin

    Wonderkik this is our FW... only and a cold boot added and god knows what else he messed up... He CANT do crap with lv1 because he doesn't have the key to even touch lv1

    rebug.421.1 with the toolbox spoofs 4.31 and everything else under the sun... + there is no need for a 4.3x cfw! the keys are the EXACT SAME

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    That's a good story bro hehe.. sounds like Rebug simply doesn't want others messing with their stuff and are against the whole "open source" and "work together in the scene" ideology that most in the PS3 scene strive for but in the end it's your choice of course.

    As you mentioned the SGK Team haven't done much with it yet, but surely there are other talented developers out there (that aren't on the Max Louarn / Paul Owen payroll) who may also wish to lend their expertise if given a chance.

    It would be great if Rebug would disclose the 'check for converts' in greater detail as it sounds like you guys aren't interested in 4.31+ (for the reasons you mentioned above) but it could be of use to someone else who thinks outside of the box perhaps.

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    ranger97 Guest
    jeeeeezzz can't someone just say its data corrupted because thats what it said its so that they know but like it says its under development

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    CHOCOLO Guest

    V 1.2

    this team this closest of a CFW that installs on top of an OFW have a ps3 CECH 2511A firmware less possible it is 3.60 am stuck on 4.25 ofw tested it on my ps3 all uploaded files up to 100% in the second half as it seeks to connect the USB cable from the control I get an error and restarts did the same test with Rogero CFW 4.30/4.21 loads files up to 70% with 4:30 SARME CFW V1.4 loads files up to 70% good job team SKG'm waiting for version 1.2 for details

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    mare92 Guest
    Rebug is AMAZING, but you still have to manually resign 4.25+ game updates and there is all the point i see in 4.30+ CFWs over 4.21.

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    tonyqc Guest
    There in fact 2 reasons why the firmware WILL brick ALL consoles:


    2) Wrong file linked in this thread

    This link pup MD5: F14D5F24B1BB04AFC9547031C747C880
    REAL pup: b4b67c2eb8122c87013667365e393e1c

    I'm not more intelligent than anyone, I saw new CFW by SGK, downloaded, installed and get caught.

    I guess next time I will read, when I saw 4.30 DEX files i was like omg i'm done, gone to sleep...

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