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Thread: PS3 CFW 4.31.1 by SGK Team Under Development, Available Now

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    Spiritismo Guest
    hi there at sgk, i saw in your video that you have an unbann v4x.pkg

    can you send me please the link to this file? thx.

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    AK74U Guest
    hi, i'm on rebug 421 dex i got my flash dex and cex how do i install this, is it worth it?

    thank you

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    byzero7 Guest
    Can someone upload the CDEX-Tool-4.40.5-compatible-4.41.05.pkg on mediafire plz?

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    Goooooland Guest
    This CFW is dangerous. Several brick console already happened. I'm stuck on a blue screen.

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    Netzhaut Guest
    here is an uploaded mirror:

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    ahtasham Guest
    where i can get it?

    help me find cfw 4.31 or 4.40 working.

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    System Repairs Guest

    Question PS3 4.31 v5.0 CFW SGK PS3 blue screen help?

    Hi there,

    I had installed this firmware over the older Kmeaw3.55. Everything was working good at the time.

    I slowly started having issues with Showtime and it started kicking me out to XMB. Then I could not get into Multiman or Showtime- I would just get a black screen and the system would hang.

    I did not QA flag enable as far as I can remember.

    I tried this:

    1. Reinstallation of Multiman and Showtime- did not resolve the issue.

    2. Rebuilding of Database and all options in Safe Mode - did not resolve the issue either.

    3. Tried to system update with the CFW 4.31 v5.0 CFW by SGK - now I have a Blue Screen at Startup and cant do anything

    Is my system bricked and any suggestions on what to try from here?

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    racer0018 Guest
    If you have a hardware flasher use that to downgrade it again and it should come out of it. If not you could send it to me and I could take care of it. Thanks.

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    System Repairs Guest


    I wish I would have know that before I installed. it seemed ok because I didn't see anything bad about it. This CFW slowly bricked my PS3 too with the Blue Screen. I just posted what happened - BLUE SCREEN. Looks like I have to attempt to fix it.

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    Apr 2005

    Videos: Team SGK CFW 4.46.1 CEDEX SP1 (4.46 CEX / 4.41 DEX) Out

    Following up on their previous revision and 4.46 spoofer, Team SGK has now released Team SGK CFW 4.46.1 CEDEX SP1 (4.46 CEX / 4.41 DEX) with the changes outlined below.

    Download: PS3UPDATCdEX-4.46.1swap-CEX-DEX-4.30.PUP / PS3UPDATCdEX-4.46.1swap-CEX-DEX-4.41.PUP
    • PS3UPDATCdEX-4.46.1swap-CEX-DEX-4.30.PUP (200.48 MB) - 4.46.1CEX SWAP (AVEC) DEX 4.30 (MD5 Hash: 6639e6e90d287963f5b6a6d3fdb83128)
    • PS3UPDATCdEX-4.46.1swap-CEX-DEX-4.41.PUP (200.49 MB) - 4.46.1CEX SWAP (AVEC) DEX 4.41 (MD5 Hash: 7b6c93a21582c5b18669d6b8557989aa)

    To quote, roughly translated: You asked all the, it's finally happened, then it's scoop that I announce the arrival of CFW 4.46.1 Cedex SP1 TEAM SGK with a big novelty, adaptation DEX 4.41! (CEX have the firmware but with whom you spent / switched to DEX)

    You can choose between:
    • Cex 4.46 to 4.30 dex
    • Cex 4.46 to 4.41 dex

    Our friend and DEV SGK has worked hard in recent days to lay a CFW Cedex worthy of himself.


    The main functions of this new cfw:
    • Installable ofw or cfw 3.55 4.21 4.30 4.31 4.40 4.41 and all CFW SGK
    • Patch peek and poke usual
    • File 2 LV2 (CEX4.46/DEX4.30) (CEX4.46/DEX4.41) (swap lv2 via toolbox available only with 4.30) (Exchange your core EID0/LV2)
    • All options CEX mode (retail) are available
    • All options are available in Debug DEX
    • Compatible ProDG manager (CEX / DEX)
    • Package manager
    • Toolbox
    • Patch Cinavia
    • Patch ReActPSN
    • Patch VSH - Let act.dat and rif files unsigned.
    • Patch VSH - Dissociation Disable / Remove act.dat
    • Eid swap
    • Load dex sp mode (DEX)
    • Real time FUNCTIONAL (DEX) works on 4.41 dex with the original br player
    • Activation of Bluray player need to bd emu
    • Patch LV1: 114 undocumented feature (Allow mapping of protected memory)
    • Compatible QA Flag
    • PatchLV1 - Disable checking the integrity of the system (Safe to use with incompatible versions of CoreOS / SYSCON or the PS3 QA Flag is not enabled)
    • OtherOS + +
    • Patch LV1 - Pass all LCD controls necessary to enable start OtherOS
    • Lock / unlocking of trophies
    • EID-rewrite (Using any backups)

    This little gem is right here in this is some words!

    [imglink=|Videos: Team SGK CFW 4.46.1 CEDEX SP1 (4.46 CEX / 4.41 DEX) Out][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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