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    Netzhaut Guest


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    VirtualApe Guest
    Thanks so much for this ps3news...

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    msteffes Guest
    thanks for this information

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    GreenBeans Guest
    what will happen if you try to put this on 4.40 OFW? my guess is nothing

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    elser1 Guest

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    Rac3rX Guest
    I updated to this and caught a blue screen, PS3 wont do anything else, just a blue screen. I cant even get into recovery, it just keep on with this blue screen, iss my PS3 finished? I want to walk off a building and die.

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    Rac3rX Guest

    Blue Screen of Death after updating to SGK 4.40.4

    I updated to SGK 4.40.4 last night. All seemed well, I went into the Homebrew thingy and did the SGK FW update, it recognized everything and installed with success, it then asked to do a "Soft or Hard" reboot but gave no real explanation of the difference or WHY there was even a choice, it should automatically be the safest option.

    I hit Yes, and seconds later, the system crashed and the screen saying something about the system being messed up and its going to reinstall the firmware and auto reboot. That scared the crap out of me and it seemed to go well until the reboot left me with a Blue Screen, no writing just a TV all blue (well boxed blue, as the res is 480i by default).

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    sharred Guest
    Just reset the display settings. Turn off the ps3. Press the power on button and hold it until you hear a single beep. Then let off the button. Now it should work. Use RCA or hdmi.

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    Rac3rX Guest
    No sir, no. I cannot get past blue screen.

    Power on, beep, once, beep twice both nothing, not even recovery menu. not even recovery menu after doing the process to get into it, i cant do anything at all. Blue Screen of Death.

    I'm actually considering bringing it to the SONY store or some PS3 repair shop, I dunno at 250 for a new one Im hoping fixing it will be cheaper ten that and not take forever.

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    sharred Guest
    If you use hdmi change to RCA, if you use RCA change to hdmi.

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