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Thread: PS3 CFW 4.31.1 by SGK Team Under Development, Available Now

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    Swosho Guest
    Soooooo... Why do we need this another spoofed CFW?

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    Netzhaut Guest
    hi, here is an other uploaded mirror

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    xchrisx Guest


    thanks for your link. i have it now. could you give me an other link for FIX MultiMAN cat XMBSGK+ by SGK also pls? i'll appraciate it

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    loveHack Guest
    this CFW is unstable and dangerous risk of breakage warranty!

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    klav1k Guest
    thank you!

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    kalaner Guest
    Sorry for this question people but i haven't been up to date on SGK Team relese... But can you play online with this CFW?

    Or is it like the others you need a unban program? Thanks

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    Thengoboy Guest
    Hi, I am new here and am not totally sure where to put my post. My problem is that my ps3 in system settings says version 4.31 but in multiman sys settings it says 4.30. Which is it ? It's Rogero 4.31 I think but why does the other system settings in multiman say 4.30 ?

    And my other problem is that I have been console banned after only having it a month, now I don't know how to fix it so that I can access the PSN again. I've tried downloading and installing PSN unban pkg, but it says when I start the ps3 program that i should push square for 4.30 so I did then it restarted but still I couldn't sign in. Is that because its 4.31 and not 4.30? And if so is there a release of unban for 4.31 or am I doing something wrong?

    Any help would be super appreciated as I'm desperate to get my ps3 back on the PSN. Please reply somebody. Need help.

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    Woolley Guest
    is that CFW that says no spoof, work with 4.31? if so are there any pkg's? i'm downloading it now but its taking ages to download

    so will this work on normal 4.31 OFW? with multiman?

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    stedman Guest
    nope cant install on ofw 4.31

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    KushSingh Guest
    Hello. i have installed 4.31.7 by team sgk... its very weird i cant get a thing in it... is there anyway i can make it look normal (no dragonballz no booting up and text in english)... or update to rogero cfw... plz reply ASAP.

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