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    no i don't think so

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    Nov 2012
    did this version worked on all ps3 slim model. or only worked to specific models ?


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    i get corrupted data

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    Can we get a mirror access to us is not allowed wow lmao

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    very sloww 50kbs digusting lol a mirror would be great

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    ok. so for some reason none of these cfws will work on my slim i recently updated it to version 4.31 so is it safe to assume that its no hope for me until there's a crack in 4.31. also i got geohots 3.55 firmware but every time i use it it says corrupted any help

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    don't install this it just brick my ps3 it turn on for two sec then beep 3 time then flashes red any suggestion anyone??

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    Oct 2006
    dangelomay if you are on 4.31 Official Server then you cannot use any of these CFW's unless you downgrade

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    so can this CFW work in my slim ps3 with OFW 3.72. its a model cech-3011a??

    plzz help me i'm a noob

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    hello! I wanted to know if I can install this cfw on my ps3 this in 4.11 .. or I have to downgrade using e3 to 3.55? ... I hope you understand my question .. because I am using the google translator ..

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