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  1. #151
    Atomicoutlaw Guest
    So. Let me get his right. Evilsperm your saying the keys for 4.21 are the same a 4.31 keys, correct? But there is no 4.31 OFW - CFW?

    Pardon my possible stupidity here. But are we only left looking for a 4.31 exploit, so all of the 4.31 OFW Users can have a JB?

  2. #152
    Matty pee pee Guest
    I got it to run on rogero 4.30 at first it didn't when i had 2 hard drives plugged in and i kept getting corrupted data message, then i had only 1 plugged in to the far left usb port and everything was fine.

  3. #153
    winpple Guest
    I have been downloading 4.31 CFW's and none of them worked, corrupted data or no update available found.. can anybody help me jb my fat ps3?

  4. #154
    p1ayer1 Guest
    same problem except I have a slim ps3

  5. #155
    naquan26 Guest
    Same issue on super slim i use cfw and nothing happens

  6. #156
    nietao0627 Guest
    I have some issue like above

  7. #157
    mustafapusti Guest
    I can not. gives me a warning to me. warning sounds, such as update data was found. File ranking "DRIVE> PS3> UPDATE> PS3UPDAT.PUP" but the ps3 does not see the file. 4.31 and ps3 software installed.

  8. #158
    okrasitna Guest
    nice to see a new 4.31 CFW

  9. #159
    nextdmp Guest
    is there a jailbreak for 4.31?

  10. #160
    hey69 Guest

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