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Thread: PS3 CFW 4.31.1 by SGK Team Under Development, Available Now

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    lightnovel Guest

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    snowhill2 Guest
    1. what is this for a firmware- 3.55 or 4.30

    2. why you dont test this fw by yourself?

    3. i have a flasher but i dont test this before you give more information!!!

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    bassembb Guest
    really!! no feature list, no info, no nothing!! And you expect people to test!?? give it a try at least

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    lightnovel Guest
    Update: This firmware has been tested.

    It's sgk 3.55

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    windrider42 Guest
    Well if I remember all the 3.55 SGK floating around last year around this time were fake.

    This is what we have from that team at moment -

    So makes me wonder did you just come across that on the internet somewhere?

    What PS2 games have you tried and do they play good.

    I had a dongle and PS2 games did not play well at all on a slim, only on a B/C PS3

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    Denida Guest
    Would be nice if there were a CFW with Ps2 playback enabled, but don't think there is one at this time, so hope you are careful if you plan on using it...

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    windrider42 Guest
    I agree. I wouldn't advise anyone to try it unless you have a hardware flasher as always.

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    its there a way to rebug 4.30.1 to run the new DMC and the walking dead? says i need update my FW to 4.31 OFW for fix errors

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    edorriety Guest
    will it work for 4.31 firmware?

    Just tried it and hmmm of course corrupted data cant use it

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    orlandinhodin Guest
    It's better than the 4.30 Rogero v2.05?

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