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Thread: PS3 CFW 4.31.1 by SGK Team Under Development, Available Now

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    Mohnews Guest

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    loveHack Guest
    Hi, If you does not see that it is just about changed CFW Rogero and that the package manager and just a copy and good it is not even necessary as I explain you because you does not consist of.

    Already dice - is enough to compile CORE_OS to see that Hash MD5 of LVxxx the same are that that of Rogero based on 4.30.

    Then when they announce CFW 4.31 and that it git of a spoof in fact, is better stay to are and on top of that no thanks for ROGERO or the authors of package standalone ' install_package_file ' version. That of the copycat!

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    kesonk Guest
    This is PS3 CFW 4.31 v5.0 work on OFW 4.31

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    BluRay Guest
    kesonk, it doesn't.

    technodon, I know It's true that this is 4.30 CFW, I was refering to loveHack saying the team is copying other people work.

    loveHack, I'm pretty sure at some point they said they were including both Rogero and Rebug features on that CFW and properly credited the authors, perhaps they still do.

    Multiupload mirror:

    The downgrader pup DEUSC2D is broken I believe, It's only 40mb while It's supposed to be 170mb+, since the teamsgk website isn't up for me I wasn't able to download It. Anyway, use any downgrader pup and It will work.

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    zh0so Guest
    does it work for OF 4.11 cech 3004 A made in china ? i am from europe

    does this work for ps3 slim CECH 3004A 160 gb with 4.11 stock ?

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    DEUSC2D Guest
    I checked the MD5 on this one it's oK!



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    loveHack Guest
    BluRay SGK where are the credits for the alphabetical sorting method?

    CFW 4.31 ??? Where ?

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    kesonk Guest
    My PS3 OFW CECHL03 4.31, and you want the jailbreak, does anyone have his CFW, thank

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    dhumich Guest
    Hi Guys. file corrupt after 70% install. Am i doing anything wrong. mine ps3 model CECH4002C. OFW 4.31. please help


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    torres2005 Guest
    Is not working on 3001a/b or 4000 series only with 3.55 stock or downgrade please read the topic

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