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    troy33087 Guest
    this is crazy can someone tell me why all the video that show you how to jailbreak PS3, that none of the ps in the videos are stock firmware. it would be nice if there was a video that showed how to jb a stock ps3 on 4.31 or any OFW.

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    PS 4 Guest

    Video: PS3 CFW 4.31 v5.0 Update by Team SGK is Now Available

    Following up on their previous update, this weekend Team SGK has released a PS3 CFW 4.31 v5.0 with a multi-part demonstration video below.

    Download: PS3 CFW 4.31 v5.0 Update PS3 CFW 4.31 v5.0 Update (Mirror) / PS3 CFW 4.31 v5.0 Update (Mirror #2) / PS3 3.55 Downgrader PUP / PS3 3.55 Downgrader PUP (Mirror)
    • CFW 4.31 v5.0 CFW by SGK MD5: e365ca34d785d4c0dfa779cbfc3be04e
    • CFW 3.55 + Downgrader by SGK MD5: 3bd4cf28ebe5daa59e6db12b91c67f8e

    To quote, roughly translated: Hi everyone, today I bring you my CFW 4.31 v5.0 with quite new I leave with the video and discover the changelog if you wish well entertained!


    Included all the change log for version 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2
    • Category VIDEO
    • Replaced from Service TV / video tv all the servise available in this Cathegory
    • Adding a Manager there in the video category
    • Category Photo, Music, Service TV / video
    • Adding a Manager there in each category
    • Category Network
    • WWW-Scene PS3
    • PS3 Scene
    • Team SGK
    • Planet PS3
    • Consolhackdev
    • PS3 News
    • PSX Scene
    • Code name: Rebug
    • Tortua cove
    • PS3 Dev Wiki
    • Homebrew Store
    • Brewology
    • PSX Store
    • Social Network
    • Facebook
    • Youtube XL
    • Category XmbSgk +
    • home + SGK Manager
    • SGK_App/PS3
    • install “Install_Package_files.pkg” (Logo MultiMan)
    • SGK Home Manager
    • File Manager-games
    • Games Manager, File Manager
    • Internal Hard Disk Drive
    • Optical Discs
    • Internal Flash Memory
    • Network
    • Homebrew Browser
    • MultiMan manager (3.41-4.31) Base
    • Update Manager MultiMan
    • ReactPSN2.0 SGK
    • Game Data SGK V2
    • SGK FW Update
    • SGK Package Manager
    • Install Package Files
    • Delete Files Package
    • Adding QA Flag is Enabled (activation from 3.55)
    • Add QA Tool CEX DEX DEX With
    • Addition Rebug Mode
    • Added Alphabetical XMB
    • Download Add pkg
    • Added possibility to put CFW on the HDD and switcher
    • Deactivation of the research system Last updated on BR reader


    0: Installable on all cfw 3.55 4.21 4.30 and 4.31 v3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2
    1: Have QA flag enabled and system update debug ON
    2: Copy the PUP in your USB in PS3/UPDATE
    3: From the XMB (CFW 4.31-cfw4.30-cfw421)
    4: Update system
    5: Update from support storage

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have now mainpaged the news and +Rep to PS 4 for the update!

    If anyone can mirror the files it would be appreciated, and I will also +Rep ya and add them to the main article as well.

  4. #114
    DarkHas Guest
    will this work with OFW 4.31?

  5. #115
    BluRay Guest
    DarkHas, It won't. Trust me, that's very unlikely to ever happen, so in case It does happen, It will be a major thing and will be confirmed on the news itself, probably even on the title. SGK Team must be trolling us, I mean, letitbit? eww. Trying to mirror the files but I can't even get the download to start, I'm starting to believe the link is off but I can't really tell... such an odd host.

  6. #116
    loveHack Guest
    It's NOT a 4.31 ! This CFW is 4.30 with spoof 4.31.

    This CFW is for CEX ps3 only. this CFW is a copy of my latest release, is a team that knows copy the work of others!

  7. #117
    BluRay Guest
    loveHack, making accusations with nothing to back up your statement will get you nowhere. We could stop the team If they were really copying other people work but sadly your word isn't enough to prove that. Unless you're able to show some evidence that they're copying other people work, avoid posting about this again, It will just create unnecessary drama.

  8. #118
    technodon Guest
    its true, if you decrypt the coreOS it says it 4.30

    i mentioned this weeks ago!

  9. #119
    DEUSC2D Guest
    Here goes a mirror, I'll see if I can get the downgrade pup mirror also!

    PS3 CFW 4.31.1 by SGK Team


  10. #120
    abo7deed Guest

    you are great

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