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    does this work on ps3 ofw 4.31?

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    Apr 2005
    This was already answered, read back a page or two.

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    so yes right i'm kinda dumb at this tech stuff y'all are to smart for me lol!

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    Installed on CECH-2001A. Rebug 3.55 Brick. To recover went to 4.31 OFW and now looking to downgrade.

    And yes i lost the flashdrive with NOR backup

    Weekend spoiled.

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    I get data corrupted

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    Feb 2012
    Data corrupted probably means bad download, you can redownload It. Btw, guys, read title please.

    Get It? It's UNDER DEVELOPMENT. There are safer and more stable alternatives, don't rush into this.

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    hi guys i'm new to all this ps3 modding ive flashed xbox's ect and would like to know how to get 4.31 cfw on my ps3 thanks.

    hey i was just wondering

    1) if there is anyway to downgrade my ps3 slimline 120gb without a flasher
    2) if theres anyway i can overwrite my ofw 4.31 with cfw 4.31?

    any info will be much appreciated thanks

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    Feb 2012
    lawny, this really is supposed to be common knowledge by now. IF YOU'RE ON 3.55+, YOU'LL NEED A FLASHER, NO WAY AROUND IT. That pretty much answers 2.

    And read my post, just above yours, there are currently safer alternatives, give Rebug ou Rogero's a go.

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    says error 8002F953 corrupt data

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    Feb 2012
    You have to be more specific, how did you get that error? I heard someone said he fixed It by formating the HDD.

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