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Thread: PS3 CFW 3.55 and split games

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    PS3 CFW 3.55 and split games

    Hello again dear fellows, well I'm here again with some questions:

    I recently rent God of war Origins (to complete the whole collection ). As soon I inserted the game and try it to launch it, oh surprise: the game could no be played since I was too old to play it and I need a 3.60+ FW.

    Well, after feeling a little be disappointed, I could only but copy the game to my External HDD and wait until it can be played, but after it finished, I noted in the title screen of the game that it was on yellow color and with the word split on it which I know is due FAT32 constraint on 4GB+ file size.

    After checking the content and size of each folder, I noticed that none file was 4GB+ rather some folders which weight more than 4GB so my question is why does Multiman detect the whole as it has 4GB+ files? I know I need to copy to HDD but this is something that is causing me doubt.

    I really appreciate your answers in advance.

    kind regards.

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    I removed the BS site stuff but I left the on-topic part about 3.55 CFW split games though. FYI though if you wish to discuss future CFW's (3.6+) we have an ongoing thread for it already here:

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