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    Registered User LordRahl72's Avatar
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    I have installed this on a 60GB and 80GB backward compatible PS3's and both work just fine and now on PSN.

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    is backup manager working?

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    We'll see what happens with 3.60. It might be possible Sony has added something extra to the FW that makes it so only a true 3.60 FW PS3 can access the PSN. Thus making the current workarounds useless.

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    Seems like everyone wants their own CFW if they can move files and copy C scripts.

    I don't trust this one.. Go Kmeaw/Geohot- all these PSN hacks are only temporary and I would rather like to run an at least "tested" stable firmware. Most obsolete fail firmware ever- the day after 3.60.. I would bang my head if I wasted time making this one!

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    lol too much too late haha, new 3.6 firmware is out so this is totally useless, just stay on kmeaw and don't risk a brick with this new one lol

  6. #16
    Are there any instructions to install this update in English?


  7. #17
    did you read the comments, this is totally useless now when the 3.6 firmware is released.

  8. #18


    no chance of a brick if patched correctly, this runs fine and psn works.. so does multiman so nice work, don't know when the next patch is live but its not asked me to update yet!

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    3.60 is out and i'm still online using this to play killzone 3 online.

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    just updated too PS3ita's CFW and get MM to work I get "cannot enter bd-rom emulator" error, any help plz?


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