Here is a WIP PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware (CFW) dubbed PS3 4.50 CEX Venom Corp currently in development with details below.

Download: 4.50_VENOM_CORP_PS3UPDAT.PUP (192 MB - 201,378,766 bytes)


From Black_Teresis, to quote: Hey i am from and i wanted to share with you guys something i started since 2 weeks. Yeah a PS3 4.50 CFW. There might be some others but they have a lot of bugs and non stable, since most of them are rushed like Habib, Steve, and so on... 4.50 Venom Corp - most stable, fast, and bugless Firmware at this time.

This CFW was tested only on PS3 Slim CECH25xx as far no problems were encountered. Everything seems very Smooth , and stable.
Any CFW must be installed with caution. This system firmware update has been modified from the original, and is therefore unofficial and not endorsed by SCE. Use at your own risk. And only if you own a e3Flasher or any other flasher like infectus or ProgSkeet.

The creators do not condone piracy.Use only your own buyed games. Its only your fault if you Brick your PS3 , no one is responsible if you destroy it. I would appreciate it if some guys here can give a feed back after they tested it.

This CFW can be downgraded. This CFW can be Installed on all OFW up to max 3.55 OFW and Any CFW 3.41, 3.55, 4.21, 4.46, 4.50...

This CFW was not made by MFW Builder. Its a CFW from Ground Made out of OFW 4.50 FW. And about Patches they are like most CFW 4.50 but there are some new Extras in Work as also some in the CFW.

More Updates to come in the next Time. Enjoy! our awesome CFW 4.50 Venom Corp


Custom Firmware Info:

Developer: Venom Corp
Installs on: 3.55 OFW / over any CFW
Released on: 14.11.2013
Firmware Type: CEX
MD5 Checksum : EEB161949F88A2D38D4FC2EA140C361F *4.50_VENOM_CORP_PS3UPDAT.PUP only use with same checksum

Patches Info:
  • New BootLogo
  • New BootSound
  • Removed PSStore from Game Column
  • Homebrew Category implemented - change in Param.sfo the category AT
  • Some optical changes
  • Video Uploader Removed
  • Photo Editor Removed
  • Code Optimized for Stable and Smooth Operating.
  • RSOD Bypass Patched and Working
  • PSP Remaster and Minis Patched to Work
  • PS1 and PS2 Games Working
  • PS3 Backups Working up to 4.50 Keys without to Patch Game or even another files.
  • PSN Compatible - But not recommended (use PSNPATCH to be more Stealth)
  • Venom QA Enabled
  • QA - Install Package Files fixed to Install All Package Files
  • Install Package Files Moded to PKG Manager
  • Downgradeable CFW
  • Installable on any CFW from XMB or Recovery
  • app_home/PS3_GAME moded to Discless
  • Patched all CoreOS ECDSA Check
  • Patched ReactPSN for Offline and Compatibility
  • Patched Complete LV1 and LV 2 to add Support for Peek and Poke
  • LV1 Patched to disable LV2 Protection
  • No BT / BD Patches
  • Removed Remote Play Restrictions
  • Patched vsh.self IN GAME SCREENSHOT
  • Removed Cinavia
  • System Information Shows now the real CFW Name
  • Epilepsy Message removed
  • and More...