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    CeXML Guest
    We are talking about different things completely: I'm talking about FW pup pkg signing , completely different kettle of fish to game/eboot/psn pkg signing, we can sign pups for ANY FW , probably forever, but we could never sign the CFW pups 100% correctly , it was just sony being relaxed and lazy/confident in thier security, so in newer FWs sony can detect this slightly bad signing (maybe our pup signing is 99% legit) and see its not 100% real, that is why we can fool the 3.55 updater checks and not the 4.00 updater checks.

    I would not be surprsed if 100% proper signing of pups is achieved as i keep saying, "even a ps3 on FW1.00 has the keys to decrypt ANY pup, so this means that they cant patch this overnight, they cant completely change the keys for pup unpacking as how would an old ps3 FW unpack a new pup?

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    tapion64 Guest
    Couldn't they technically just use one of the console ids to see the hardware revision and issue a different PUP based on that? Atleast for over the network updates. It'd be a pain to put multiple PUP versions on game disks, they'd probably just say go update online instead of waste space like that with 2 or more PUPs.

    Just saying, it's entirely possible for them to implement something like that by acknowledging their losses on older consoles and protecting future consoles.

  3. #83
    CeXML Guest
    no, all pups must be the same unpacking keys and must be backwards compatible with all old FW revisions, i'm not talking about different hardware at all . im talking about the way they implemented more strict checks on the signing of PUP pkg files, it was a software patch , not hardware.

    like i have said many times, the only way they can change they keys that are used to unpack a pup is if they say to us something like this, "you must update to 4.50 before you can update to 5.00fw" then they can change the keys, no other way is possible as far as i can see.

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    tapion64 Guest
    Well what I meant was, if they made two different branches of PUP's, that had different keys, then newer consoles could come with the 2nd branch of PUPs and from then on could only upgrade with the new branch, while older consoles would continue to use the first branch of PUPs with the old keys.

    This would mean at least for newer consoles, we wouldn't be able to sign until we figured out the newer keys, and would still allow older consoles to update correctly.

  5. #85
    CeXML Guest
    Well yes they could do this but they wont, what they have done is the best solution, and if in the future these strict pup checks get cracked down the line i don't think they will bother with something as drastic as a branch of the pups and hardware, console is too close to the release of the ps4 to be worth the investment IMO.

    maybe i'll be proven wrong. i'm open to that always. (well almost always, except in the case of 4.00 vsh.self running on 3.41 like cfwprophet says in his video, i'm not open to being wrong on that as i know its bull!)

  6. #86
    kavechick1 Guest
    Is there a cfw or a way to use 4.0 that has installation folder and i can install decrypted psn games on it? I really need it for my game, its on 3.65

  7. #87
    Bartholomy Guest
    Obviously not.

  8. #88
    ps3hen Guest
    Kiosk FW 4.11 is released.. People using technodon's 4.10MFW will have to spoof to 4.11.

    source: http://fshop01.ps3.update.playstatio...updatelist.txt

  9. #89
    bigvern1979 Guest
    i'm a bit confused by all this cfw and mfwm but how will we know when a new cfw is released that supports backup managers will it posted on here?

  10. #90
    SanctumSlayer Guest
    It will be front paged. It will also be all over the internet

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