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  1. #31
    niwakun Guest
    more like a Hybrid Firmware than a Custom Firmware.

  2. #32
    Brenza Guest
    no. they are mostly fake signed packages so the 3.56+ firmware won't install them.

    You can only use unmodificed pkg games.

  3. #33
    CeXML Guest
    I think HFW is a good name! I came up with that acronym actually for ps3hens FW.

    BTW. It wont install from anything higher than 3.55 as we cant sign pup files 100% properly. if we could enter service mode on 3.60+ we could install this as FSM allows installation of unsigned pups.

  4. #34
    ph4rcyd3 Guest
    Well, I guess we can enter fsm, in all firmwares. Use the dongles or the psp app. The problem is to get out of it.

  5. #35
    CeXML Guest
    No we cant , both the lv2diag.self files wont work on newer firmwares. on 3.56 one of them would work and some people got stuck in FSM. but we cant enter it anymore on new firmwares, if we could it would be big news, hopefully Nabnab releases his methods for doing it, then we could all install modified 3.60+ pups

    Be great if someone leaked the newer lv2diag files, someone in sony must have em , then we could experiment with FSM on newer FWs.

  6. #36
    SanctumSlayer Guest
    Thanks ps3hen for your continued effort! Keep at it!

  7. #37
    niwakun Guest
    you're right. But for us, customized must be done on the way that PS3 that the certain feature/s doesn't have at all, now have in a CFW.

    In this case, this thing just add some thing, it's just the feature thing that combines certain features on a debug console, thus we call it hybrid, if we combine it into the retail firmware. There's are some modification in here, just like the coldbooot, no features added, they just changed the image (ctrl+c power) with another one.

  8. #38
    mrgreaper Guest
    its good to see progress but i read that and my heart stopped, then i read on. the best we can hope for at mo is being able to run the scraps that trueblue throw us and the odd homebrew app if this allowed original game discs AND homebrew it would be great.

  9. #39
    CeXML Guest
    Its easy to mix files from debug/retail/kiosk Firmware and anyone can do it using mfw builder but really the only important file actually modified from its original Sony version is the coldboot/cosmetic things, so no important FW file is really customised/modified as such, just swapped with different versions.

    I assume this 4.10 FW has the cinavia disabled by swapping the files from debug FW related to video playback? This is the best feature of these new HFW's IMO.

    I was the one who mentioned this neat hack to ps3hen for his 4.00HFW after i seen the tcl task file for it.

  10. #40
    technodon Guest
    i saw the task but i didn't disable cinavia in this version. i don't really know exactly what it does, i know it has something to do with video playback but i've never had a problem. so if you could enlighten me that would be great. i might release version 2 if i decide to continue with this project. because at the moment kiosk firmware doesn't seem to download game update data which is needed really.

    the main goal for this is to have kiosk firmware more like retail then that way we would always have install package file options everythie a new update is forced on us.

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