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Thread: PS3 4.10 CFW / MFW Includes Install Package Files by TechnoDon

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    VeSituma Guest
    dude but how can i get the technodon mfw because my console accidently upgraded itself to 4.10

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    NeonRTurbo Guest
    Hey, I'm on OFW 4.10... I have not updated to 4.11. Anyways, I'm finding this much more tricky to "Jailbreak" and install "CFW" on my PS3 as I did on my PSP. Can you guide me through? Or you still trying to figure it out as well.


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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You will need to be on 3.55 firmware to install this CFW, you won't be able be able to play backups using this CFW but you can use any 3.55 CFW to play backups.

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    theinfinite Guest
    Hi. Would this work if installed on a demo kiosk FirmWare-3.60 and convert it to a retail?

    Nevermind. It won't.

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    Belmondo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by technodon View Post
    Yeah, the keys geohot used to sign packages in 3.55 were revoked after 3.56 so thats why no homebrew installs/runs. until someone dumps new keys and release new signing tools. no homebrew is going to run, i doubt anyone will accomplish this though its sonys system they seem to have secured it..
    completely wrong. no pkg keys where revoked.. pkg's require a private key for a ecasda signature which cannot be calc'd because they did not fail on the R value (ie used random value instead of static like selfs).. geohot patched his CFW to skip the ecasda signature check for pkgs.. which is why his psudo-retail pkgs install on all 3.55MFW's because they use his nas_plugin.sprx patch..

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    elser1 Guest
    good to see you back Belmondo!!

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    hdark24 Guest
    thanks my dear

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    theinfinite Guest
    What would happen if this firmware was installed into a demo kiosk at 3.60?

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    faZzter Guest
    this firmware if it works if you can upgrade from OFW 4.10 but I wonder if you can run backups with this cfw?

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    supercmpunk Guest
    dude nice but can you make 4.11 cfw cause some on that update right now

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