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    madmax69 Guest
    Should have rule that if you post any info about an 3.55 + CFW you must have tested it and as well as uploading the link you must also attach picture proving it works.

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    ps3hacker101 Guest

    Post i dont think

    wow it's not even a such thing as 3.70 yet

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    ilkostas Guest

    Confused what about newer cfw?

    what about newer cfw?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I merged your post in the ongoing thread, probably best to read through it as it's been asked many times here.

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    roli1980 Guest
    3.70 defo

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    manukio81 Guest


    something new?

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    ironspider3 Guest
    there don't seem to be hardly any ps3 developing teams for the jailbreaks, as opposed to other projects on the internet such as ipods and phones and wii's and etc. hopefully someone gets on a 3.70 cfw

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    ironspider3 Guest

    Interesting point on 3.70 update and custom firmware

    I read this on the internet it was posted on a different forum by someone a few hours ago and i though he brought up some interesting stuff, i'm kind of new into this stuff, and im almost in the same position as this guy. Maybe not as frustrated though, but what do you guys think about it??

    Here's what he had to say: "Hey guys, long time listener, first time caller but seriously I have been coming onto this site and other PS scene sites almost everyday for a while now and I have some thoughts etc I thought id like to get out and have people let me know what they think.

    I myself am on 3.66 OFW and have just been playing the waiting game (only found out about homebrew and etc when 3.65ish ofw firmware was out) but I guess I have been enjoying talking to people and playing games online .. I for one cant believe there are people whinging about CFW for 3.6+ coming out and calling devs lazy and stuff because they haven't come out with additional cfw or methods of a homebrew etc etc.. people should realize that "the scene" and websites like this and homebrew etc is not a right its more a privilege that certain people have allowed us to have and Sony have tried their hardest to take away from us ... and these people should not expect anything from developers or crackers etc .. especially since they are not even paying a cent to them for anything and usually showing 0 gratitude.

    I totally understand the dev's point of view and the people on 3.55 in saying there is no need for newer CFW as the newer FW has no real updates onto the PS system and only has extra security measures etc. Which I totally agree and think maybe their efforts would be better spent working on applications and additional cracks for 3.55.

    There are ALOT of people like me who are on 3.55+ fw and even people who are 3.56 ofw just using their playstation with NO online gaming + no homebrew etc... just sitting there waiting for probably over 6 months? now or something ?? I am thinking at least I have been updating regularly so I can atleast play my games online and I have been hoping for more more of a DUAL NAND chip sorta Dual boot to come out I guess.

    To all those people who have been on 3.56 to 3.65, kudos to you guys because you have been super patient and have massive balls, I don't think I could have waited this long with at least one of the benefits of having the ps3 (homebrew etc or online play, chat etc)..... It has been about an hour? since OFW 3.70 has come out and I have now come to the thought in my head that "im not gonna update and just wait it out" but I am already feeling jipped and feeling like my ps3 is not being used as I am not even online and i am not even running any homebrew = waste.

    As much is there is no real need for a newer firmware ... I guess it would get A LOT of new people into the scene and even maybe some programmers becoming interested in making tools etc.. and who knows maybe there could be an extra tool or 2 that could be made in 3.6+ that cant be made in 3.55 etc ...

    Now my dilemma here is that .. should I update to 3.70 to get online play back or just wait it out .. mind you I am on 3.66 and theres already 4 fw's under me that don't have downgrade option or jailbreak option (looks pretty bleek).. and the reality of another cfw or crack coming is generally becoming more bleek... I mean yeh there have been news story of people slowly doing new things with DUAL Nand chips, progskeet etc but being someone with 0 knowledge of programming or soldering .. deep down I just have this feeling that it will be stuck in 3.55 as most people say there is no need for newer CFW and especially since most mew games can use eboots or the cnivdia patch or what ever.

    So should I just update and at least enjoy my online gameplay or hold out ?? I guess no one can give me a "correct" answer .. but what do you guys reckon, I mean i am mainly asking for opinions here and your thoughts on what Im thinking about the overall scene (being a semi noobie and all) ?? I mean believe me the thought of buying another PS3 has come through my head but $$ isn't around atm to get up and buy another ps3 and the danger of selling my ps3 and getting a 2nd hand is that it could easily YLOD on me, and im guessing if I sell my ps3 and go buy a brand new one from a retailer .. I have a 80% chance it would already be running 3.56+ fw .. right ?

    If devs were working on a CFW or a way around it .. would they be stuck in working in on 3.56 version or would they be working on a 3.60 version .... or even a 3.70 version now since that's out ??.... meaning should I just update and wait it out on the new CFW ??.. So unsure haha...."

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Get two PS3s - problem solved - best of the both worlds.

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    ironspider3 Guest
    lol true

    merge my post? lol

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