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Thread: PS3 3.60 or 3.70 or Higher Custom Firmware?

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    Lacourse2012 Guest
    Welcome for the no bs part but I just figured I would see because in my opinion I don't think cfw will go public and I hope it doesn't for the sake of not dealing with sony bs.

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    tonyxm Guest

    CFW 3.66 real or fake?

    found on google, I found an CFW 3.66 will not it?

    Password: modz2011

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Will you people stop posting stuff like this.

    It has been clearly stated many times- If a new CFW/Hack for 3.56FW+ is released you will see it here.

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    Lacourse2012 Guest
    why don't you understand if it does it gets banned its a jackass thing to hope it gets released except that the idea that maybe it won't go public and its the smart thing to do duh and you are the only one that had a problem with us uploading stuff.

    also I get that your senior member but this specific topic was about never firmware so there shouldn't be a prob with posting at least we are not asking you to do surveys.

    i'm dl this and let you know sorry idk how delete other post cause before forgot to quote.

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    saviour07 Guest
    You will be wasting your time - one thing you learn after being on here for a while is that you get these fake kinda uploads all the time.
    If a CFW is ever released, even by an anonymous source, then it would have been posted on the main page here and not on an upload server like MediaFire or MegaUpload without any sort of announcement.

    I see your point about it not being publicly announced because of the risk it will get patched in a newer update but the real problem now is not whether a new CFW that is released gets patched, it's if the dev who released it gets caught and sued.

    Seriously, the best thing to do about any new CFW is to wait for it to be announced by a reputable source (i.e. PS3News )

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You actually do have a point, if a new CFW is realesed we would find it on Youtube before we see it on websites about PS3 hacking...

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    Lacourse2012 Guest
    main point i'm saying is once it's rep from a site its going to get shutdown so best hope is that it gets setup privately not publicly, it may hit youtube before hand but its like a game of cat and mouse trying to find cfw.

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    makots Guest
    Just curious, is there any progress on a CFW for 3.6 firmware or is it just rumors. Thanks.

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    shadywillie Guest

    Question Whats likely to be the next version of custom firmware?

    Hi people, i just got a ps3 yesterday with a official firmware 3.60 installed on it. I know i cannot jailbreak it but i want to join the fun on the playstation network. Anytime i try to sign up, check whats new or visit the playstation store it says i have to install the latest update.

    Question 1
    When i install official firmware 3.65 on it will it work since there is 3.66???

    Question 2
    Is 3.66 firmware likely to be the next custom firmware??? Cos i read that a Spanish hacker called desiporados or something has almost figured out a way to hack the 3.66.

    I need reliable answers please...

    Thank you in advance...

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    saviour07 Guest
    Answer 1:
    If you want to go online on the PSN then you need the latest OFW installed, which is 3.66.
    So you're going to need that installed, not 3.65.

    Answer 2:
    Simply put, no one knows what the next CFW is going to be, or when it will arrive.
    Best guess - and hope - is that the next CFW will be a 3.6x build.
    Since the OFW 3.60 keys aren't publicly known then we can only assume that every OFW since 3.60 to present is using the same security (read: keys), which means that if a 3.60 CFW does get released then it can be assumed to work on a 3.66 console too.

    There are no reliable answers, only well educated answers based on the information at the time.

    My personal opinion is that since your console has 3.60 pre-installed then there is absolutely no point in you remaining on 3.60, and you're best updating to the latest OFW so you can go online on the PSN. Hope that helps you make you're choice.

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