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    elser1 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    That's incorrect (and worst advice ever) on so many levels I don't even know where to start ...

    1. Everyone following the scene at least a bit (or PSP in the past) would know that every OFW higher you'd install above the latest available CFW one will get you further and further from getting back to CFW (if not prohibit such option for ever).

    2. You can't say what version of OFW could be used to install new CFW neither that you can't downgrade (as it was in early stages of 3.41 with JB dongles and downgrading from higher OFWs)
    From wanikoko.. "Now, we must take into account that a CFW can be installed only if the console is in a FW 3.55 or lower, because higher versions will make use of a new updater, which verifies the upgrade package (internal data the PUP, so I understand) by checking with new firms (which had not previously existed and are now mandatory) which we have neither the public nor the private key (the public can take, but privately we can forget and here no no chain so we can prevent this ... the updater is a separate application of FW and no longer has to do with the above explained)."

    so you say he is wrong? ok..

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    devilinops Guest
    well if you can find a the official killzone 3 bundle it will be 3.50, already bought one for myself last night same as a friend just to make sure and both where 3.50 also we found them at walmart only place that still sold them, although i updated it and gave it to my uncle as a blu-ray player.. but ya walmart is the best bet or if your in Canada super store since 75% of the time no one buys systems there.

  3. #53
    elser1 Guest
    -3.55 will still be available for months in certain shops with low traffic..

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    costocart Guest
    To all the newcomers to the ps3 world: It's all fake until PS3news.com says otherwise.

    -M. Gandhi-

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    Lacourse2012 Guest
    Yeah thats a great answer cause when ps4news.com says its real Sony will screw us all once again , that's why if cfw comes out it will not be passed around so much but rather secretively I am damn sure of that cause otherwise, it will be just a rerun and, real quick comment you would think when they got hacked that anonymous would have grabbed data valuable for the firmware and hacking it.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Well hopefully if someone does find a way to make a cfw for 3.56 and above, then rather than release it, just release their setup and what was used , then we can create our own using their way.

    I did find that if I try to create mfw in winxp thats got .net installed, nothing seems to work. If I run MFWBuilder on a fresh install of xp on another computer with no win updates or .net installed everything works with no creation fail, I do use both versions of at the same time PS3MFWBuilder_Portable/ps3mfw02 depending on what I'm adding or taking away. Then I use the E3 reader to force it, rather than trying to update it. No need to spoof install firmware version then so that can be left alone.

    Don't ask why but I have created cfw 3.15, 3.41,3.50 and 3.55. and all do what i wanted. I also modded the 3.41 downgrade for other added treats before i us it to downgrade.

    All good fun.

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    Lacourse2012 Guest
    All I can say is I do agree on what you sad about knowing the setup but the prob still is if it gets public Sony shall hack and block then sue.

    cfw and jb 3.65 supposedly: http://www.4shared.com/file/PGprRbbr/UPDATE.html

    wanna see if anyone gets it to work, by the way i uploaded instead of making people go through bs for it.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Lacourse2012 View Post
    wanna see if anyone gets it to work, by the way i uploaded instead of making people go through bs for it.
    Indeed, if anyone checks it out feel free to report back although I wouldn't hold my breath hehe... +Rep for not making folks here go through bs for it though Lacourse2012.

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    lolwaow Guest
    I'm willing to try it right now possibly. Is there a risk of bricking if it isn't legit? Like assuming the keys are crap could it still demolish my ps3?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    It's safe to say the chance of bricking is always there, and the date on the file is from May 17 so odds are if it was legit it'd have been reported by now as it's now a month later, eh?

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