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    elser1 Guest
    is anybody actually working on it with talent? i mean if they knew how to do it i'm sure it wouldn't take long.. and it would be released already. i don't really care, i sort of think we've got enough now.. if you have to have the new games to play buy another ps3 to play them on or upgrade to ofw.. simple really!! i don't want psn on cfw.. theres too many cheats on there now... that's my opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tepoo View Post
    Haha, owned.. i like people who don't know what they are doing, and getting messed up by those fakes
    while i myself find it somewhat amusing inside (being honest) i still feel bad also and want to help..

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    People need to check with a reliable source before updating Firmwares. Anyone can post on Youtube, Facebook etc...

    If there is a 3.60+ CFW you will see it here (In the news section).

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    Studs Guest

    CFW 3.61 Can someone confirm?

    Not to up to scratch on the latest methods. So wanted to highlight this link to more talented devs.

    Can anyone confirm this working?

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    Apr 2005
    I removed the link, it's just spam on a free Web host. If/when something legit is released it will be posted on regular PS3 scene sites.

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    unimatrix725 Guest

    Confused I would say in time...

    Quote Originally Posted by bob808 View Post
    I am looking at getting a ps3 slim and lobbing on CFW... I know that right now I would need to ensure the system comes with no newer than 3.55, and I wont be able to play most new games on it due to the 3.6 issues.

    With the iminent new FW coming out with the relaunch of PSN, there is surely going to be more security rolled in... as no-one has yet been able to make a CFW of 3.6, should we be concerned that the good days are coming to an end, or are you hopeful of a 3.7 (or whatever they call it) CFW coming out in the near future?
    They still don't have complete control over the ps3 yet... Also with rumors of the "QA Flag", may bring us a bit closer. Allot of games work on the 3.41 & 3.55 variants, some require a "patched" eboot.bin to work. (example 3.6 fw required games)

    Even yet some of those havent been patched yet. There is a lot of work on the "Linux/OtherOS" front as well, which may bring the devs closer to the 3.6/7x cfw. I would just keep a close eye on the usual trusted ps3 sites, this is one. I have been following the ps3 bandwagon for awhile and still have my blackcat dongle in case.

    I do see a possibility by the end of summer a CFW or at least a solid method of "rigging/patching" all games. Graf is very skilled and a lot of people should try to send him a little bit of money in his fight against sony. (Don't flame me for leaving out the other great ones, excluding GeoDuche - Whom never released anything until a CFW Builder was released, and stirred the shat pot with sony to begin with).

    Deanrr has made great strides in his backup manager, the only one I use, since the others are not working for me that great. Sony is already whispering about a PS4, so its a matter of time, although they said they expect the ps3 to last for 10 years.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Arrow Waninkoko Explains How to Develop a PS3 CFW 3.60 / 3.61

    Here is a brief update from PS3 hacker Waninkoko, sharing his thoughts on how to develop a full-fledged PS3 CFW 3.60 / 3.61 followed by some details from groveritos below.

    This news comes following a PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware hybrid update to PS3 CFW VENIX S-PLUS Spoofing 3.65. To quote, roughly translated:

    1. Private keys can not be calculated for any firmware> = 3.56, and are NOT in any site, which for some are private (only the Sony has, and if we make a mistake it was thanks to them which they applied the algorithm So encryption of data and a few mathematical operations could calculate the private keys).

    2. IF you can create a CFW 3.61, the only obstacle is to get the public keys, which can be drawn SI, with varying degrees of difficulty but you can. Each loader is encrypted with a private key and decrypted with the corresponding public key. But the lowest level loader in a FW is encrypted and decrypted with the root key, which is invariably because the root public key used to decrypt the loader is located in the metldr (obviously, the metldr will have to have the public key to decrypt the loader) and metldr NOT be updated in any way, so that the root key can not be changed from one version to another firmware because it is sad if any.

    So if you want to create a CFW of 3.61, changing the LV2 to add new features, we have to go hacking the chain of loaders to get on. Example:

    METLDR -> LV0LDR -> LV0 -> LV1LDR -> LV1 -> LV2LDR -> LV2

    More or less this is the chain of loaders (do not know if there is some small variation in FW 3.61).

    METLDR, as I said, NO you can update.

    METLDR LV0LDR decode the root key (LV0LDR loader is the lowest level, if we do not have to METLDR) and executes it.

    LV0LDR LV0 decode the LV0-key (this key if you can change between versions of firmware as LV0LDR SI is upgradeable and can therefore LV0 encrypt a private key and update LV0LDR to decode it with the new corresponding public key) and runs.

    Decrypts LV0 LV1LDR ....

    LV2 LV2LDR decrypts the lv2-key and executes it.

    Therefore, if you want a CFW, we need to decipher LV0LDR (with the root key, which geohot public and will never change), change LV0LDR change LV0 decryption key (the change of a key that is capable of decoding a LV0 encrypted with a private key that we DO know ... that private key? anyone, as if we generate a key), encrypt LV0LDR with the root key, and we can modify LV0 to our liking and is now LV0 deciphered with a different public key, which we know the private key. And so we change the whole chain to LV2, modify and recifrarlo with the new key we've chosen.

    Well, that's the way broadly told (when I say encrypt / decrypt, I do not mean the contents of the loaders, because it works with AES encryption and symmetric and there is no question of public / private key, but I mean really at the head of such loaders, for signature, which uses RSA keys is where public / private partnerships, with the sole purpose of checking that these loaders have NOT been changed).

    In the case of FW 3.61 the track is a bit more complex as there are RSA public key and AES keys that are easy to obtain, but hey, there are methods to obtain, there are people who have them, and therefore it is not impossible .

    Now, we must take into account that a CFW can be installed only if the console is in a FW 3.55 or lower, because higher versions will make use of a new updater, which verifies the upgrade package (internal data the PUP, so I understand) by checking with new firms (which had not previously existed and are now mandatory) which we have neither the public nor the private key (the public can take, but privately we can forget and here no no chain so we can prevent this ... the updater is a separate application of FW and no longer has to do with the above explained).

    Said this last, some will think that if the upgrade to a CFW 3.56/3.60/3.61 and thou mayest not reinstall any other CFW (that is, you stay forever in that CFW or FW actualizais an official). The answer is yes, but hey, is not inevitable and that, in creating this CFW, we can modify the VSH (or one) to use the old updater (which does not check new firms and therefore we have no obstacle to install new CFW), or modify the APPLDR to allow us to load the new updater but modified to not check signatures (the new updater can be changed, of course, but also need to modify our FW APPLDR currently installed to the recifrar updater with a private key known and APPLDR then be able to decrypt and run).

    And that's all.

    From groveritos: teknoconsolas.es/foro/viewtopic.php?f=214&t=98319&hilit=

    [Register or Login to view code]

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Lacourse2012 Guest
    Does anybody honestly think if there is new cfw it will be plastered and passed around? I think its a dumb idea to think that cause then sony can dl it and hack it. I honestly think the new 3.65 is just 3.61 with new psn updates sony is testing us and when we slip up aka post the new cfw they will sue then crack and screw everyone once again.

    So I believe any person saying they have cfw could be lying or could be telling the truth so when it comes to real or fake it could be very well real, unfortunately people will have to go through fakes before real ones if what I say is true which if I was sony or any company that would be the game plan.

    I am actually going through fakes and I got one cfw for 3.61 that gets to 22 % then fails but the fact is the ps3 takes it that's a big start. If I pissed anybody off I'm sorry but it needed to be said and please feel free to pm me and comment I wanna know what others think .

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    Natepig Guest
    Going through fakes will eventually lead to disaster, if you keep it up. If any other cfw pops up the well known people in scene will give it the thumbs up. Until that happens if ever it would be better not to get sucked in by everyone that posts some bs for attention/site traffic.

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    Lacourse2012 Guest
    Well I do agree going through fakes will lead in disaster I believe it should be at your own risk and when the the person rather it be me or someone else finds it we should find away to get it to people but not make it a post or public download just cause I believe sony is waiting for us to slip

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    elser1 Guest
    everyone on 3.60+ waiting for cfw may as well upgrade to the newest and play psn as you will not be able to load 3.60+cfw on a ps3 past 3.55.. thanks for this...

    if he can't do it nobody that will release it can..

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