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    sounds like you have just installed ofw 3.60 congratulations.

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    Dec 2010
    I bet it was some loser who renamed the FW update to "3.60 JB" even though it's OFW 3.60 tricking people into updating, well at least they can update to 3.61 and play on PSN.

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    BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!!! why these sad lonely people post ofw 3.60+ claiming to be cfw 3.60+ is beyond me.. wait till you see it on a reputable site like here and its confirmed by many users.. what a wonderful world we live in.. LOL

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    To me sometimes I feel like I'll wake up to see new cfw finally and sometimes i'm just glad that there is at least a little progress being made, it is better than nothing at all lol

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    ok friend thank you for your help...

    i have downloaded dirt 3 for ps3, but its not working on 3.55 jb... what i have to do? pls help

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    Can you be more specific? What's it doing? Did you put the BLES/BLUS folder in the GAMES folder? Are you using Multiman?

    Actually, if I think about it hard to the point of hurting, I realise that this is a new release and probably requires 3.60 / 3.61. Much like Portal 2. In which case, unless there's a fix like LA Noire, you're going to have to be patient and wait for the CFW.

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    BLES01287. i am using multiman...

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    Dirt 3 is a 3.60 game and there isn't a fix for that game yet.

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    Haha, owned.. i like people who don't know what they are doing, and getting messed up by those fakes

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    the only way a 3.60 cfw will come is if someone can figure out the random number generator sony used to fix their keys, we need the random number to figure out thier new private encryption keys in order do decrypt new games and firmwares. once 3.60 keys are hacked then the ps3 is a lost cause for sony cause 3.60 was their last trick in the bag.

    we have the mtldr key which cannot be changed without new hardware and if the 3.60 key is hacked because it is using a real random number there will be nothing they can do without new hardware and ever with new hardware that's not going to stop all of the other of millions of current playstation 3 already out around the world.

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