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    Oct 2010
    i agree it if real is not much use until you can sign mm and other homebrew.

    would be good if someone from ps3 with more credibility (no offense kloops) with e3 flasher can try this. i wouldn't do it though even if i had a flasher. LOL

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    Jan 2011
    Well it's real... in a sense. It's a "Custom FW" if you call changing the Update type (CEX/SEX/DEX) identifer "Custom"

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    i think they stock on cfw 3.55 because geohot have the talent to hack the ps3!

    when geohot stop hacking the ps3 the other hacker only stay on geohot 3.55!

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    thanks for the updates

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    i wish there a geohot again on ps3 hacking scene!!!

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    geohot come back

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    Mar 2012
    if this is not true we never can play pes 2012?

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    Sep 2010

    Wink Real or Fake 4.11 Kiosk Jailbreak

    i saw this video on youtube, it looks a very convincing fake. if it just 4.11 spoofed then non of the vita stuff would appear in the XMB. .

    Another BS one: TLK SilverFoxDevs Blue Armageddon PS3 JailBreak 4.21

    Thanks To Following For Helping! C00kieMonstah (Cookie Sponser), Zac (Founder), Shaz (Derper), Dylan Yoder (Leader), TLK (More Derping)


    I Said This Before And I WIll Say It Again.(SilverFoxDevs) I'm Not Responsible If You Get Caught While On The Jailbreak.

    How To Get Online On Blue Armageddon:

    Download Elite Mossy's Patch Blocker. Put In The IP And Proxy In Internet Settings And Sign In To PSN. The SilverFoxDevs Team Is Not Responsible For Any Thing You Do With This Jailbreak. Pirating Is Illegal.

    You Can Install A Backup Manager (Will Upload ON My Page) But You Cant Put The Blame On Us If You Get Caught While On This Jailbreak. We Said On The Agreement Page And We Say It Again. DO NOT PIRATE.

    Main Features Revised In Blue Armageddon By SilverFoxDevs:

    1. LV1 Hypervisor Patched To Allow Mapping Of Any Area (Needed For LV2 Poke)
    2. LV2 Kernel Patched To Add Peek&Poke System Calls To LV2.
    3. Package Installer Patched To Install Debug Packages.
    4. Application Launcher Patched To Run Homebrew
    5. Communication To Sony Patched (So That You Don't Get Caught, Use Proxy's To Get On PSN)
    6. Add "Install Package Files" icon to The XMB Category (NOT IN BETA)
    7. Add "/app_home" icon To The XMB Category. (NOT IN BETA)
    8. Replaced "Video" With "Homebrew" Category. (NOT IN BETA)
    9. Regions Settings Fake So You Can Access 'TV' Even If It Is Not Supported In Your Country. (NOT IN BETA)

    By Installing This You Agree That You'll Post "TLK OWNED YA" On GlitchyJoey's Wall.

    One more fake:

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    Stick Out Tongue ModderExcess 4.20 PS3 CFW WIP

    Hello Everyone! ModderExcess here and i'm currently working on a 4.20 CFW. So far I have the public keys and once i get the private keys for authentication then we will have the 4.20 CFW.


    To prove i'm a legit hacker, here are the following confirmed working releases i have made. [Don't hate on the Performance Boosters. These were requested by a friend so i released them]

    [The only working CFW I have working as of now are 3.55 CFW i made awhile ago.]

    Current Confirmed working releases As of now! [ModderExcess]

    Custom Firmwares:

    3.55-CFW: [Supports Backup Manager]

    Performance Boosters:

    4.21-PB [FIX]: Coming Soon [Sorry for the run error]

    NOTICE: I need to fix the 4.21 Performance Boost as there is an error when in the browser and listening to music. Basically what happened was the dev_flash file i put in there wasn't made correctly so it cause LVL1 not to work and you will get an error that the firmware cannot be run and it restarts the PS3. [Very sorry if your currently using that 4.21-PB]

    NOTE: The CFW is Free. I have a policy on all my content.

    -No surveys
    -No passwords
    -No bs


    PSN: ModderExcess & madd123
    XBL: madd123 [Banned till 12/31/9999] [Don't have system anymore]

    REMEMBER: Searching over the internet for jailbreaks that have surveys will always be FAKE. Please never do another survey because your supporting others BS.


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    This seems like a fake. why ? let me explain: every Ps3 dev will tell you the same there are currently no way for a 3.56+ CFW!

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