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  1. #151
    wyldstallyn Guest
    It's a quick, but painful death to your ps3 if you try and install it.

  2. #152
    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Here, take this bomb and explode.

  3. #153
    hackvier1 Guest
    What is this? Someone has installed?

    Danger !!!

  4. #154
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    It's a kinda good fake (?). He "patches" the whole firmware description with "Modified firmware created by MOOSES 910" and it is 4.0 with Vita support. But if it really works or not - I wouldn't risk it !

  5. #155
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    LOL! And LOL again! Bullet in the head.

  6. #156
    EiKii Guest
    seems core_os_package was "last modified 17/12-11, last night. i would wouldn't recommend anyone installing this.

  7. #157
    EiKii Guest
    most likely its fake yes

  8. #158
    EiKii Guest
    well i would hold off, i'd say fake but i don't have the right skill to dissemble it and know what it is, i wouldn't risk losing cfw as it is

  9. #159
    EiKii Guest
    well i am skeptic, a completely random person, i would still hold off, doesn't look genuine, and no proof of it either

  10. #160
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Many have reported unsuccessful installation. "Data corrupted" message at second stage.

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