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    Uhm. Well, till now MW3 TB fix is not public yet. And ye, could be a fake. If Sony will not dig 'em quickly, maybe we can talk again about it

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    i'm waiting..

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    I want 3.7 or maybe it's 3.8. I forget. Whichever one gets me 3d movie blu-ray playback with DTS Master Audio high definition audio playback. 3.5 gets 3d playback, but not with high def sound at the same time. Irritating. Thinking about just upgrading to OFW as there are some recent games I want to play as well and GT5 update came out recently with interior views and such that needs at least 3.6.

    Convenience factor of not needing to swap discs in and out and just staying on my couch and loading a different backup is nice, but if after I finish a couple more games I have on my stack they haven't got this figured out I'll probably update to 3.7 or 3.8 or whatever, but not all the way to 4.0 as 4.0 doesn't appear to have anything I want.

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    So you update just based on what the firmware gives? Not interested on PSN at all?

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    Oct 2011

    Red Face PS3 CFW 4.0 finally working?

    Tested by console PS3 320 GB Slim and works. Sorry for my english.


    creator's twitter:!/Mooses910


    I urge you to wait before you jump headlong, there has been no confirmation yet that this CFW is real, functional and without brick.

    So wait and see ... the wisest course is to wait until the first returns of the truth of the said CFW 4.0

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    Do not download and/or test this ! ! !

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    Don't worry about your english... worry about whatever it is you just posted! lol

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    HOLY CRAP! WTF is this?

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    Pics or gtfo please.

    What the hell... 180mb?

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    Yeah, What NTA said....

Closed Thread
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