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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    You know it's fake when it says "Comment Pending Approval!" when you try to post a comment.

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    Yeah, file is fake


    -Seen some fakes set up like that and when you press the DL link it brings you to one of them questionaires which then asks you to input ur CC info and bla blabla just to get to the DL link

    - Page looks fake as heck

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    Yeah, it's just a guy trying to make a couple of dollars on the internet.

    Next time if anyone wants to post anything that is not news regarding 3.56+ CFW, you can post it here (http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...119351-12.html) in our on-going discussion.

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    I have now merged the threads and craplisted the BS site here as well.

    Here is another video for those interested (or bored)

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    I'm going to go with fake also, its too good to be true, if it were true it would be all over the internet.

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    Do you think the next CFW will be back using Dongle?

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    Well I highly doubt the next "Jailbreak" will require you to use a dongle, it might happen if a Dev wants to make some money though.

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    That is true, it will be "hard" if they really want to Pay-up for the Firmware (T_T)

    Then I guess the other option is use a Mod-Chip... Is that possible?

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    We've already established that.


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