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    Aug 2011
    The only thing you can do to jailbreak your PS3 is going back to the 3.55 fw via downgrade with progskeet, teensy or infectus as appropriate.

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    May 2011

    what's new???


    i have fat ps3 and i am currently on Kmeaw CFW 3.55. i want to know what is new, is there a new CFW??


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    Dec 2010

    3.55 CFW is still the latest CFW.

    Try searching a bit next time.

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    Offical Firmware Ps3 Jailbreak 3.60 video Fake or Real.

    i have already watch this video it show version 3.60 jailbreak and can have debug setting and Multiman in his Ps3 system with 3.60.

    Download link :

    How to Jailbreak 3.72 Firmware

    1. First of all Download the application by clicking the download button below.
    2. Now select wether you want Automatic or Manual.
    3. Click on your suitable option.
    4. After this it will take 1-2 minutes to complete the process.
    5. Once it will be completed, THE PS3UPDAT.PUP file will be save on your desktop or Flash Drive.
    6. Now Connect USB drive to PS3 Console and Update your Firmware version.Your Device will be jailbroken.

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    Seems Facke to me I think it is spoofed from 3.55

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    i think that same like you. why are they release video fake for viewer and link fake Firmware download?

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    Confused PS3 3.72 CFW Jailbreak with Download

    PAC here i found this jailbreak on a random index web search says it the video belows file below is there anyone you know who can test this ? i'm not got any expert in cfw thought you may know bro i will post the download and site below


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    Doubtful! If there was a CFW for 3.72, then there would have been a lot of noise about it and you would have seen it on our site. Till proven otherwise, I call fake... or rather spoofed.

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    Mar 2010
    Also - I would be careful just putting any faith into firmware you find.

    Considering FW 3.55 can be modified, it isn't hard to steal PSN login information (I would be surprised if people are not already doing it).

    The video says to log into PSN -> if they have modified the login - you don't know where you are sending your login info.

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    I think is a fake...

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