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    Yep, all new PS3 CFW ideas, wishes, begging etc posts get merged into this ongoing thread.

    Below is another video apparently to be originally from rms via: elotrolado.net/hilo_posible-xploit-en-ofw-3-70_1657123

    Although many including javitomaster claim it to be fake (elotrolado.net/hilo_posible-xploit-en-ofw-3-70_1657123_s80), according to rms it's both old and real but won't be released anyway.

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    LOL, I want 3.70 kmeaw released today

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    it is a fake for now.

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    I bout new PS3 with 320 GB hdd last week the firmware was 3.55

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    The ps3 shown from rms video is simply a debug unit. LOL

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    also this i been also reporting theses fake videos on youtube with my youtube account.

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    3.66 Release Date...?!?! Someone?!?

    hi, i'm new here... but hey.... i've got my 3.66 Ps3 60GB (The Fat one..) and i really wanna play with download games...

    any idea when the jailbreak 3.66 coming out...?! WITH THE PACKAGE FILES !!! .... ?!?

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    No one knows, it might never come out.

    Just cross your fingers and hope for the best

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    Question Call of duty Black ops dlc pkgs question?

    Hey guyz,

    I just wanted to know whether we could play all the dlc maps like First Strike, Escalation, etc after the 3.66 cfw comes.



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    Here are some more videos from Mo0oR3b via YouTube, supposedly playing Alice: Madness Returns on Rebug 3.55.2 by Ko0oKaA (ko0okaa.blogspot.com) and PS3 Bleach 3.65 on 3.55.2 Rebug by Ko0oKaA HR:


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