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    PS3 3.56 to 3.55 FW downgrade for CFW

    Alright guys, I'm not a hacker myself, but I do (did) love that 3.55 CFW. In fact, I didn't realize how much I did until I accidentally upgraded to 3.56 when attempting to download a game update. I've done plenty of searching, and it sounds like I'm out of luck in regards to downgrading the firmware from 3.56 back to OFW/CFW 3.55.

    Is there any even remotely successful way to downgrade the firmware back to OFW 3.55, especially one that doesn't involve me intentionally bricking my console?

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    Nope, sorry my friend, there isn't a possible way yet to downgrade a 3.56 to 3.55.

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    Well, thanks for the quick response at least. Looks like I'll wait until a downgrade comes out or $ony lets up on the hackers so they release their CFW for later versions. Or I guess I could try to find an old phat system with old firmware... So I can play all my PS2 games on it as well.

    I know this is unrelated, but if I have CFW on an older console, would I be able to back up my PS2 games with a simple backup manager program or would I need to wait for an emulator to come out?

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    There are a couple emulators out if i'm correct, if you want to call it that but there is a way to play ps2 backups just use the search, also back to subject is it possible to just insert a new hard drive in a ps3 that you had old firmware on for instance I have 6 backwards compatible ps3 phats, i upgraded the hdd's to 1,00 gigs, 750 gig, and so forth.

    So isn't it possible just to take the older hdd's and put them in a ps3 you accidentally upgraded ? If so I'll sell off my old 60gig hard drives to everyone who wants to make an offer or..? Does the ps3 remain on firmware no matter what hard drive is in it, removed or not?

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    I don't think the hard drive stores all the firmware data, the firmware upgrade I believe flashes other hardware to run differently. That is why a format or system restore won't allow you to revert your firmware even with an attached USB and service mode.

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    There is not a downgrade option currently avaliable if your on firmware 3.56 or above, currently you are out of luck.

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    The hard drive is just the storage, the flash of the ps3 stores the firmware, so the hard drive won't have effect for firmware changes. so like shummyr said, your out luck bro.

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    Thanks, but I had understood that, I was attempting to answer babyjoe's question. And it turns out my knowledge of PS3 operation is even smaller than I thought haha. Although it seems you answered his question better than I could.

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    As said above - no downgrade available and it's not stored (only) on hard drive.

    It requires quite a lot effort to "accidentaly" update the Firmware ... it asks you at least 4 times ...

    Also - your thread title is confusing / missleading a bit- it should be in a form of question / ending with question mark - this way it looks like you're tellings us about how to do the downgrade.

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    Firmware is stored on the NAND flash on the motherboard , no way to downgrade from 3.56 or install CFW , would recommend that if you get a new system to ensure you also install 3.6 spoofer which can be found on the forums, this won't allow psn play however will prevent accidental and automatic upgrades whilst ofw is 3.6.

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