Not to spread any fear... but it just might deserve some thought. I just fired up Uncharted3 on my 3.55/Kmeaw/mm4.0, just to see if it worked. I know that my internet connection was disabled, as I had opened it up to get the newest version of multiman, and spotted a PSN notification about needing a new FW update... and quickly disabled it (and all this before even getting U3 transferred over... that was yesterday). So U3 worked fine, and I played a bit, to see if the problems with freezing were indeed fixed. All was good. Shut the system down.

Later, I fired up my OFW system to watch some Netflix, and I get a notice for a new message received (something I never get). Checked the message... PSN telling me they noticed I had recently played U3, and that I ought to join in the new beta for Starhawk with the code I received in the retail box (cough cough). I can't say for sure that I rebooted the 3.55 system after disabling the internet connection, and likely didn't, but I am so sure that I disabled it before I started the game. After playing, I shut it down, straitaway, so I am sure I disabled the connection before playing.

I just found it interesting... enough to want to mention it. I checked to make sure it was disabled, and I know I didn't disable it after playing the game. I'm just thinking it may not be completely disabled w/o a reboot, or maybe never completely at all (wouldn't surprise me). They knew, or the game called home, and naughtydog phoned PSN...??? My 3.55 system would seemingly not be able to log into PSN at all... but oh no... how did they they know?

Doubt I will ever enable that system again, and block access from my router as well. Sneaky!!