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    Question PS3 3.55 CFW to OFW and cleaning

    my ps3 got YLOD i need to clean it and reinstall back to OFW then send to SONY.

    is there any info how to do it ?

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    omg, this is awful, as far as I know, this you're trying to do is not possible...

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    From what I have manage to find out about this they will write off the unit and send you a refurbished model.

    so they won't know what firmware you have but they will also possibly send you a newer firmware then 3.55 on the refurbished model with new hard drive and none of your user details.

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    Sony don't give you back the same PS3, they usually give you a new PS3 (same model) and take your broken PS3 for parts or whatever.

    If you've already voided the warranty or it's over I would find a different way on fixing your YLOD.

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    Do you think that would be possible with the older PS3 models? Like the hardware support ones for example

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    Well I'm assuming they will send you back the same PS3 model as you sent in (if that's what you were asking ).

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    ok formatted updated to 3,55 OFW formatted again and my system says 263/298.

    so i'm wondering its normal or there will be still some of old games backup etc cuz i want to update it to 3,72 b4 i send it to sony

    i forget to clean hdd and not sure if formating remove all except PS3 files

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    The easiest way for you would be if you just send your PS3 in without an HDD

    And the 35 GB are reserved for the System.


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