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    daniloafb Guest

    PS3 3.41 JB Spoofed as 3.56 to 3.55 kmeaw cfw

    Sorry to post this, maybe this is an closed issue to most users, but I swear that I couldn't find anywhere in the net how to do it.

    I want to stop using my dongle (ps3break), so, how do I do to upgrade my ps3 from 3.41 jailbreaked with ps3break spoofed as 3.56 to 3.55 kmeaw?

    I really want to do this, kmeaw works easier and don`t need to power off and on to play backups.

    Thanks in advance.

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    joffe Guest
    grab the 3.55 kmeaw PS3UPDAT.PUP firmware, put it on a stick as any firmware and update.

    Try a the sticky to find it: MD5 sum is 2be5e87a22bf1e7f48e98fcabd38977b

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    daniloafb Guest
    I tried once to install the OFW 3.55 in order to install CFW Kmeaw 3.55, but it didn't work. I couldn't install OFW because it says that I can`t downgrade from 3.56 to 3.55, because my CFW is 3.41 but the system "thinks" that it is actually 3.56.

    Can I just install CFW 3.55 kmeaw as you just said? wouldn't just give the same error?

    Thanks in advance.

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    violentcris Guest
    The best 3.55 CFW today is Rebug no doubt about that, easy to intall,no recovery mode needed, ZERO chance of brick, Kmeaw have nothing more than Rebug, Rebug have a lot of features not included in Kmeaw.

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    zero233 Guest
    just upgrade to kmeaw. rebug sucks if you don't know anything about all those extra features it has

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    violentcris Guest
    Like i said Kmeaw have nothing more than Rebug and zero brick, i tested both that's why i speak.

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    joffe Guest
    Try update in 'Recovery Mode' then.

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