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    figures i wasn't forward looking enough to backup what i was messing with so am gonna have to rip again.

    ah well. almost there now

    another sidenote - need to get a heavier controller. the one that came with my ps3 is soooo light i feel it's gonna float away compared to my xbox one

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    Dec 2010
    Seems like you have the SIXAXIS controller. Those things are like balloons.

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    i know! i'll get a ds3 i think. am told it's a fair bit heavier

    ok, question - what if i installed 3.55 cfw straight from 3.41?

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    Dec 2010
    You can do that, people just recommend you install 3.55 OFW first.

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    thank god for that. i missed that part entirely somehow

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    we need cfw for 3.6

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