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Thread: Problems loading games on CFW 3.55 kmeaw

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    ps3bobby Guest

    Problems loading games on CFW 3.55 kmeaw

    Hi. I jailbroke my ps3 with kmeaw customer firmware. I have the latest version of multiman and a gaia manager installed. When i open gaia manger no games appear I have ftp'd them into the directory hd0/GAMEZ and also hd0/GAMES and nothing seems to appear.

    I am also unable to use and other manger like open manger and backup manger i just get a black screen when i try to open it.

    I have formatted the drive and re done the CFW jailbreak and i'm still having the same problems. I ripped a game to the machine last night with Multiman and that worked just fine. For some reason when i ftp i cant seem them with gaia manager. Also I would like to use a different manger if possible but none seem to work. They install fine but when i load it just gives a black screen.

    Can you load games that have been ftp'd across with multiman ???

    If anyone could help that would be great i cant seem to figure out what is the problem and have been searching for 3 days now.

    Thanks ps3 forums

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    Erz Guest
    Try to copy 1 Original BD game to your Internal HDD via Gaia Manager (by doing this, Gaia Manager will automaticly create GAMES folder in your HDD) then try to load it with Multiman.

    If you want to FTP, make sure to put the file in /dev_hdd0/GAMES (or in the folder where your previous game are copied by Gaia)
    If everything is right, Multiman SHOULD be able to load from Gaia Manager.

    Hope this help ^^

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    First of all welcome to PS3news. Anyways this is what I would do if I was you.

    1. Back up a game to your Internal HDD using multiMAN manager.
    2. See where the game (you just backed up) is stored and put more games in that directory so it looks something like this: "dev_hdd0/GAMES/BLES12345/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/Eboot.bin".
    3. Go back to multiman and refresh the game list (press "triangle" and choose "refresh list") and the game should show.

    I wouldn't recommend using Gaia Manager since it's kind of outdated. I recommend using multiMAN manager or if you want something simple use Rogero Manager ( which has the same game compatibility as multiMAN but doesn't have all the features multiMAN does.

    P.S. The reason Open Manager and Backup manager don't work is because it was signed with the 3.41 keys (for 3.41 Jailbreak) to begin with and when 3.55 CFW came out it didn't work anymore. Anyways they aren't any good now compared to multiMAN.

    If you have any more questions don't hesitate asking, I'm sure me or any other of our members will be able to assist you.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Yea, just use MultiMan as it does everything the best. There is no need for other managers anymore.

    MultiMan has different interfaces so just choose the one you like best and stick with that one. I have heaps of games so I chose 8x4 as it shows the most on screen at once and it grabs the icons automatically.

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    ps3bobby Guest
    Hey guys rebooted my ps3 and everything is working now. how do i play around with multiman interfaces ? sorry for asking such silly questions. Really don't no why it just started working thanks for all the help and support.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    If you keep on pressing "R1" you will find yourself at at page that looks like the XMB, go to the setting tab and you can mess around with all the setting there .

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