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    Apr 2005

    Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2014 Demo PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN

    Following up on the recent GTA V PSN leak, today Sony inadvertently made a PES 2014 demo weighing in at 1.28GB available on the Italian PSN Store with details below.

    Download: PES_2014_DEMO_M109.pkg / PES 2014 DEMO .PKG.rar (Mirror) / PES14.pkg / PES_2014_Demo.pkg / PES2014D.pkg / PES 2014 DEMO PSN-CYBERMANCHA.part1.rar / ES 2014 DEMO PSN-CYBERMANCHA.part2.rar (Password: cybermancha) / NPEB90515_PES2014EUDEMOFIX355_cobra2305.rar

    From eminem0081: Today Sony post PES 2014 demo in Italian PSN, but after an hour this demo was deleted and Sony tweeted:

    Pro Evolution Soccer Tweets from ‏officialpes:

    1. The proper #PES2014 demo will release on the 11th of September on PS3 and 12th on Xbox 360. Please be patient, you won't be disappointed.

    2. Sorry for the confusion today. The #PES2014 demo that was released on the PSN was the wrong one and not representative of the final game.

    Soooo, maybe somebody download this demo and can share it with us.

    From checcolin: To make it work you have to encrypt the PKG TrueAncestor Creator (TrueAncestor EDAT Rebuilder).

    First download the demo (obviously). Unzip the demo, download the PKG TrueAncestor decompress. Now TrueAncestor unzipped folder you will see that there is a folder called "pkg", then put the folder of the demo, we put the folder as is "NPEB90515". Now we headed to the file "creator.exe" and execute it.


    Press "1" and give it to ENTER

    We give INTRO

    And now asking you to press any key, we do and takes a few minutes, when it is created copy it to USB and install it on the PS3 like any other PKG.

    I hope I explained, Greetings!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Brenza Guest
    Sony is really messing things up with the store!

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    djdavedoc Guest
    Presumably this will only work on CFW?

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    StevenTj Guest

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    Taufik Guest
    Perfect view PES2014 not wait to feel the full version....

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    Bogo Guest
    Any Chance for an "Fix" so we can change the match time etc.?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    A mod to change the time match time? It's possible but I doubt anyone will spend time making it as the full game will be released soon

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    golemnight Guest
    It's not working your fix. The SDAT File is 4.00 and not in your FIX...

    The Fix is fake for 3.55

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    Apr 2005

    FIFA 14 DEMO Time Extender Mod

    For those who are FIFA fans instead, below is a FIFA 14 DEMO Time Extender Mod by TheSavage:

    Download: cl.ini

    From Sony's server: http://ares.dl.playstation.net/cdn/E...ownloadType=bg

    • A jailbroken PS3
    • FIFA 14 DEMO

    Mods Included:
    • Intro skipped
    • Half length extended to 6 minutes (in the game it will still say 3 minutes but it's really 6)
    • Neymar as arena player
    • Heart as arena keeper


    1. Copy the file provided on to a USB Stick
    2. Copy the file from the USB stick to /dev_hdd0/game/NPEB90506/USRDIR
    3. Load the FIFA 14 demo up and enjoy

    You can have the halfs as long as you want by editing the "HALF_LENGTH =" value in the file provided (you can only go up to 10 minutes).

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    alpine2934 Guest

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