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    StevenTj Guest
    Pes 2014 Savedata by Faith Genesis Raven v0.3:


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    akimazaki Guest


    why invalid password

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    The correct one is FAITH GENESIS RAVEN, I have updated the other post now as well.

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    penjejakawan Guest
    Hi there, heard that today PES 2014 official release and come together with DLC 1.0. Does anyone know where I can download this DLC 1.0.

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    akimazaki Guest
    dlc 1.0: http://yadi.sk/d/-vg5nOZp9YJL4 BLES01930_DATAPACK-Sayqho.rar

    rar pass: mcpsp.com

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    StevenTj Guest

    Pes 2014 bles 01930 of


    Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ohpvs36ota...0FO%20v1.zip?m

    Works both with or without DLC.

    • Official names for Premier League 2013/2014 teams
    • HD embelms for Premier League 2013/2014 teams
    • Official names for ZON Sagres 2013/2014 teams
    • HD emblems for Liga Zon Sagres 2013/2014 teams
    • Updated Netherland national team with official players
    • Renamed players of Classic Teams

    Thanks to daimpa.

    Here's Mirror BLES01930 DATAPACK with high speed.


    Uploader: Hippotamamus

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    BozoVukaso Guest
    What about BLUS31322 and patch 1.01 ?

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    comfaithgenesis Guest

    PES Gaming PS3 EDIT 2014 v0-5 by FGR.rar

    For BLUS31322 / Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2014.PS3-DUPLEX
    • Extract the savedata folder to (USB: PS3)
    • Then copy the saves over on ps3

    Download Link: PES Gaming PS3 EDIT 2014 v0-5 by FGR.rar


    Changes 0.5 (Previous updates are linked HERE):
    • Added J-League (Incomplete replaces PES League II)
    • Adjusted some of the team lineups
    • Few more transfers *Won't do them all I'll wait for one of the data packs to do that*
    • All Premier League Team Kits (few need to be edited to make them look better)
    • Improved other Premier League Team Kits
    • The FA Cup Logo
    • Premier League Logo
    • Premier League Team Names
    • Premier League Emblems

    Check out my blog (pesgamingedit-ps3.blogspot.it) for future updates! If you save data owner error use rebug and use the debug setting fake save data owner if needed.

    Remember to click the LIKE button please!

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    StevenTj Guest

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - Online Pass (BLES01930) Fixed

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - Online Pass (BLES01930) Fixed

    Installation Guide:

    1. Install Update Version 1.01
    2. Install Online Pass.


    Online pass link has removed somehow.

    here is another: PES_14__BLES01930__ONLINEPASS_FIXED__PS3GAMEROOM_. pkg

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    geniale83 Guest

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